Silver Spur hit by burglars

by nathan oster

Another Greybull business has been burglarized.

Just two months after the A&W was hit, the Silver Spur was targeted during an early-morning break-in Saturday morning.

Greybull Police Chief Bill Brenner said there is no proof that the two burglaries are connected, but that he and his officers are investigating the case.  As of Monday afternoon, no arrests had been made.

Brenner said the break-in occurred between the hours of 3:30 and 8 a.m. on Saturday, Jan. 21.

To gain access, burglars had to bust out a locked, glass door.  Once inside, they stole a “small, mp3-type jukebox” and removed the cash from a cigarette machine. The burglar or burglars also tried, without success, to get into a safe in the business’s back room.

No alcohol was taken, Brenner said. Asked for the amount of cash reported missing, Brenner said it’s unknown. They did more property damage than anything, between the glass door, the cigarette machine and the jukebox.”

The Silver Spur is located across the street from Town Hall, which houses the police department.  Brenner said an officer was on duty and drove by the bar several times between 3:30 and 8 a.m., but noticed nothing out of the ordinary.

“Ironic, for it to be right across from the police department,” Brenner said. “But when you’ve only got one officer on duty … the only thing I can figure is, to do it that close, there must have been a ‘lookout’ keeping watch for an officer.  One person wouldn’t risk walking out of there with a jukebox.”