S&S strives for progress before ’49ers

by nathan oster

After taking much of the Memorial Day weekend off, S&S Builders resumed work on downtown Greybull streets on Tuesday morning.

The terms of the contract prevent the contractor from working during Greybull’s Days of ’49 celebration, so there is expected to be a major push in the next seven days, including this Saturday, to make improvements within the one-block stretch of Greybull Avenue lying between Fifth and Sixth streets.

According to discussion at Thursday’s weekly construction meeting, curb and gutter will come first, followed by the pavement and, lastly, the sidewalk.  While the main focus will be Greybull Avenue, some demolition work is also planning in the next few days on the east side of South Sixth Street, roughly between Second Avenue South and First Avenue South.

S&S spokesmen said no work will be done between now and the Days of ’49 on the corners in front of the Bank of Greybull or the Historic Hotel Greybull.  The demolition in front of the hotel is expected to begin immediately after ’49ers.

In other construction-related news:

* Ben Steed of WYDOT reported that the department had received a “notice to proceed” with the paving of the new parking lot at the corner of First Avenue North and Sixth Street and that the work was expected to begin shortly.

* Flashing, red lights to make the four-way stop signs at the main intersection more visible have been ordered and are expected to arrive soon, according to S&S spokespeople.  Steed said WYDOT’s traffic people opposed the idea of adding “message signs,” feeling that they would be too distracting.  “It is possible to have too many signs,” Steed said.