Livestock sale prices skyrocket

by nathan oster

Big Horn County’s 4-H and FFA members couldn’t have been disappointed with the results of the junior livestock sale.

Prices were up across the board, as the 138 animals that sold brought $190,756 before add-ons. The sale two years ago was widely regarded as one of the best ever because it generated $193,000 (also before add-ons) — but in that one, it took the sale of 171 animals to reach that total.  Last year’s sale was down, with buyers shelling out $175,066 for 170 animals.

Sara Schlattmann, longtime clerk of the sale, called this year’s “one of the best sales I have ever seen for pricing.”  She added that add-ons “were the most ever as well.”

The sales averages this year were also up considerably from last year.  The 60 hogs that sold brought an average of $4.30 per pound, the 53 lamb that sold brought an average of $6.58 per pound, and the 24 steers that sold went for an average of $2.72 per pound. The averages in 2011 were $3.07 for hogs, $5.54 for lambs and $1.88 for steers.

Billie Tillett had the day’s top sale, a steer that brought $5,600, with NEPCO paying that sum.  The animal weighed 1,400 pounds, meaning that NEPCO paid $4 per pound.

Samantha Clark had the top hog, which brought $2,700 and was purchased by North Big Horn Hospital and Custom Ag Solutions.

Kirbi Anderson had the top lamb, which Russell and Russell CPA bought for $1,500.