Sixth-cent projects finalized, total more than $24 million

by karla pomeroy

The Big Horn County commissioners met with Barbara Bonds Tuesday afternoon via teleconference call before approving a resolution that will place the optional specific purpose tax (sixth cent) on the ballot in November.

According to the resolution, the sales tax, if approved will generate $24.8 million for projects and interest on bonding the projects to provide funding in a timelier manner.

Bonds said she brought the resolution to the commissioners first since the county must approve it to move forward. Each nine municipalities must approve the exact same resolution. She said Frannie met Monday night and approved the resolution.

The resolutions must be signed and approved and presented the County Clerk’s office by the fourth Monday in order to be on the General Election ballot.

The question that will be posed to the voters in November will include a list of all the projects and the total amount.

The final projects and costs per the resolution are as follows:

Basin, $2,629,022, remodel the town hall annex and refurbish the existing town hall into a community center; fund an operation and maintenance account for the community center; remodel and provide equipment for the Basin City Arts Center and operation and maintenance for BCAC; construct a transmission loop from the north substation to the south substation; upgrade lighting and provide enhanced outdoor recreation facilities in town-owned parks.

Burlington, $3,006,714, pave Poplar, Elm, Husky and Farmers streets.

Byron, $2,645,909, begin a sanitary sewer project, including preliminary analysis and design, lagoon dredging, lift station and improvements; chip and crack seal all streets in town; improvements in Memorial Park; and park and recreation improvements in town-owned parks.

Cowley, $3,457,722, resurface streets and install curbs and gutters on corners of intersections.

Deaver, $3,006,714, construct water transmission and distribution line.

Frannie, $1,898,222, repair or replace irrigation well and purchase a replacement for the town’s existing pickup; and if remaining funds are available demolish the old Legion building, landscape the site and pave or gravel the parking lot; and construct a seasonal-use restroom in Fleming Park.

Greybull, $2,601,343, participate with Big Horn County School District No. 3 in the construction or reconstruction/remodel of a swimming pool; fund and operation and maintenance account for the pool.

Lovell, $3,307,386, construct a museum building; construct restroom and concession faciltiies in the rodeo grounds; pave dirt streets within the town; and construct a cart barn at the municipal golf course.

Manderson, $2,255,036, replace water lines and water tank.

The question as posed is a ‘Shall Big Horn County be authorized to impose a 1 percent specific purpose sales and use excise tax … for the specified purposes.” Thus a yes vote would suppport the sales tax increase and a no vote does not support the tax.