Clerk finalists all have experience in the office

by karla pomeroy

The Big Horn County Republican Central Committee advanced three names to the commissioners for possible appointment to the vacant county clerk position, all with experience in office.

Republican Chairman Dave Mattis said 25 members came to the meeting at the Weed and Pest Building to listen to the seven candidates and cast votes. The three finalists are Acting Clerk Debra LaBudda, current Deputy Clerk Lori Albers and former deputy clerk Elizabeth Lampman.

The commissioners set a meeting for Friday to interview the candidates and then make their selection. By statute they have five days from receiving the names to make the appointment. Mattis said he would notify the county on Wednesday.

The commissioners at Tuesday’s meeting, in anticipation of being notified Wednesday, set interviews for 9, 10 and 11 a.m. with a special meeting for the appointment to follow the final interview.

The person will serve the rest of Dori Noyes’ term through 2014. Noyes was appointed and began duties this week as the clerk of district court following Vickie Larchick’s retirement.