Swimmers topple Lovell in dual action

Nineteen swimmers and divers from Greybull-Cloud Peak (G-CP) heated up the waters at the Lovell swimming pool before the Thanksgiving break when they defeated Lovell 110-60 in middle school dual competition. The locals captured seven of 11 possible first-place finishes.

“G-CP took the lead after the first event and never looked back.” said head coach John Kunkel. “G-CP and Lovell were pretty evenly matched in team size and Lovell has some very good swimmers and a diver. But the depth of talent G-CP has this year was too much for Lovell to match. And, with dual-meet scoring allowing two relays per team to score, G-CP was able to get a huge boost from their first- and second-place finishes in those events.”

Swimming their way to individual first-place finishes for the locals were Felicia Aguilar, in the 50 breaststroke; Kristen Collingwood, 100 freestyle; Megan Mikus, 200 freestyle and Makyela Sorensen, 50 backstroke.

Adding more top finishes were Sorenson, Jordan Flitner, Collingwood, and Dasha Kelso in the 200 free relay; Julianne Carlson, Collingwood, Flitner and Mikus in the 100 free relay, and Taylor Brown, Kelso, Carlson, and Sorenson in the 200 free relay.

Coach Becky Sorensen added, “I have tried to put each swimmer in every event that they are capable of swimming at least once during the season, whether they wanted to swim it or not.   As the season draws near the end, we are getting down to fewer and fewer events on the list and some of the swimmers had to swim events at this meet that really pushed them.  I was pleasantly surprised not only by the determination they showed but the fact that we placed well in most all of the events.”

Kunkel added, “The divers were again able to bunch their places and capture most of the diving scores. They are eager to get back to practice so they can work on their routines for the upcoming conference (meet). “

Sorensen commented, “With only the conference meet left, it’s time to get the swimmers focusing on the events that they truly excel at, the events they will be swimming for their team at conference. I am excited to see what happens when we put these swimmers, who have worked hard all season, in events that they can really shine in.”

The conference meet is Saturday, Dec. 1 in Worland. Starting time is 10 a.m.


200 FREESTYLE — 1, Megan Mikus. 2, Julianne Carlson. 6, Allison Lungren.

100 INDIVIDUAL MEDLEY — 2, Dasha Kelso. 3, Morgan Haley. 5, Josalyn Smith.

50 FREESTYLE — 2, Taylor Brown. 4, Tre Nelson. 5, Cassie Fitzsimmons. 10, Paige Flock. 15, Brandon Briscoe. 16, Giselle Ruiz.

DIVING — 2, Megan Mikus. 3, Kristen Collingwood and Jordan Flitner, tie. 5, Julianne Carlson. 6, Makyela Sorenson. 7, Tucker Nelson.

50 BUTTERFLY — 2, Felecia Aguilar. 3, Flitner. 4, Mara Welsh.

100 FREE — 1, Collingwood. 2, Haley. 4, Kelso. 5, Tre Nelson. 8, Smith. 9, Taylor Brown.

50 BACKSTROKE — 1, Sorenson. 3, Hannah Coy. 4, Welsh, 9, Ruiz. 11, Briscoe.

50 BREASTSTROKE — 1, Aguilar. 3, Flock. 4, Lungren. 5, Fitzsimmons.

200 MEDLEY RELAY — 1, G-CP (Sorenson, Flitner, Collingwood, Kelso). 2, G-CP (Welsh, Tre Nelson, Haley, Aguilar).

100 FREESTYLE RELAY — 1, G-CP (Carlson, Collingwood, Flitner, Mikus). 2, G-CP (Brown, Smith, Haley, Tre Nelson). 3, G-CP (Coy, Fitzsimmons, Tucker Nelson, Aguilar). 6, G-CP (Flock, Lungren, Ruiz, Briscoe).

200 FREESTYLE RELAY — 1, G-CP (Brown, Kelso, Carlson, Sorenson). 2, G-CP (Mikus, Welsh, Smith, Lungren). 5, G-CP (Coy, Fitzsimmons, Flock, Tucker Nelson).