Good Samaritans clear streets

by marlys good
“Baby, it’s cold outside” or “Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow.” Take your pick. Either would be appropriate considering the cold temperatures and snowfall that have hovered over the area since Friday, Jan. 11.
Although the cold and stormy weather was predicted, people were lulled by the 52-degree high recorded Thursday, Jan. 10. Twenty-four hours later snow was falling and the mercury had dropped into the low teens. Since that time the airport has registered overnight subzero temperatures that dipped to -7 early Sunday morning. By noon Monday the mercury had “shot up” to 11 degrees, which felt almost like a heat wave.
The area was blanketed with snow Friday that fell horizontally due to the brisk wind, but sidewalks had been cleared – just in time for the 4-5 inches of new snow that fell Tuesday. The good news was there was no wind; the snow lay where it fell.
It was business as usual for the Good Samaritans who donned stocking caps, coveralls, gloves, boots and the warmest, heaviest winter coats they owned to sweep sidewalks and clear driveways.
A lot of the Good Samaritans use four-wheelers with a snow blade, which was the “shovel of choice” for Earl Dooley, who was out bright and early Tuesday. Dooley has almost a regular route of friends and neighbors he helps out, but added, “When I see snow that needs moved, I do it.”
The phone rang again and again at Downtown Auto but there was no one to answer it because both Buzz Collingwood and Justin Wisehart were out clearing snow.
Collingwood uses a small tractor with a blade, as does Terry Kunkle. But Ricky Madsen was spotted on Greybull Avenue clearing the white stuff away with an old-fashioned snow shovel and broom.
Although the snow caught many residents by surprise, a meteorologist at the National Weather Service office in Riverton said a winter weather advisory had been issued Monday night.
Sidewalks and streets should be cleared by the time temperatures hit a predicted 20-25 degrees above late this week.
But don’t put those blades, shovels and warm clothes away just yet; this is still the middle of January – and it IS Wyoming.