Nursing home honors volunteers

BBMNH Volunteersby marlys good

LaWana Rainey, Helen Crane and Dorene Ludwig were honored as this year’s volunteers of the year at Bonnie Bluejacket Memorial Nursing Home.

The three are unsung heroes to staff and residents and give countless hours. Someone tallied up what the three would have earned if they were paid even a minimum wage and it came to $32,850.

“There is no way the value of these wonderful volunteers could actually be measured monetarily,” according to Activities Director Vicki Wright.

The honors were bestowed May 16 during National Nursing Home Week. Rainey is the “chief caretaker” of the two cockatiels, Mr. Chatter and Freckles. She makes sure the cages are cleaned and the birds are fed regularly and have sufficient water. If Rainey is not able to be there, two residents, Doris Noyes and Stella Greer, and staff members Loretta McDonald and Sheila Rudd step in to see the birds are well cared for.

Helen Crane is at the piano every Thursday afternoon and plays a wide variety of songs ranging from old favorites to military songs and show tunes, and accompanies the residents for a sing-a-long.

Crane’s partner at the piano is Ludwig, who plays classical pieces from classical composers such as Chopin, Bach and Beethoven. She intersperses her playing with brief history lessons on the origin of the pieces and how they have affected the musical of contemporary songwriters.

During the festivities Mark Cheshier played songs from the ‘60s, favorite country western melodies and favorite old-time hymns on the guitar.

The Historic Hotel donated gift certificates to the honorees for luncheons at Mylos.