Greybull to field Majors, Minors, T-ball teams

by nathan oster

Greybull won’t field a Babe Ruth team this summer, but it will roll out Majors, Minors and T-ball squads in the days ahead.

Managed by Ken Wright, the Minors are scheduled to play a 5:30 p.m. game in Basin today (Thursday, May 30).  It will be their second official game of the season, as a regularly scheduled tilt with Otto didn’t go off last week.  On Tuesday night the team hosted Basin.

Minors teams are typically composed of 9- and 10 year olds, but Greybull’s squad will include several younger kids out of necessity.  The call-ups were needed to form a team, said Wright, who as of Tuesday had a roster of 12 players.

Team members include Ashton Prentiss, Ethan Dalin, Nick Eckman, Avery Swiftney, Colton Farrow, Noah Zeller, Dante Terry, Coby Henderson, Johnny Coyne, Cale Wright, Aiden Farrow, Weston Adams and Jake Schlattmann.

Henderson, at 7, is the youngest team member, followed by Wright, Eckman, Ashton and Schlattmann, all of who are 8.

“We have a real diverse mix,” said Wright.  “But in the last month, the kids have really shown improvement.”

Wright said “skill development” and “fundaments” have been the focus of practice. “Primarily we just want them to have fun,” Wright said. “But hopefully we can keep them going, so that as they get older, we’ll have enough to play some more games.”

As of Tuesday the schedule included games against Basin and Otto, but Wright said he’s trying to get Worland scheduled as well.  The Minors play in Otto Tuesday, June 4, starting at 5:30 p.m. Wright said he expects the season to conclude in mid-June.

Numbers are an even bigger concern at the Majors level, where Scott McBride is the manager.

“We dance around between seven and 10 kids per practice…so you never know,” said McBride, whose squad, with the exception of a single 10 year old, consists of 11 and 12 year olds.

The Majors will make their season debut in a 7 p.m. game against Otto today (Thursday, May 30).  Additional 7 p.m. games are scheduled June 4 at Otto, June 6 against Basin in Greybull and June 26 in Basin.

As of Tuesday, the roster included Dade Greene, Gage Hunt, Gerardo Corral, Brandon Welsh, Stockton Eckman, Dale McBride, Caden …., Bryant Davis, Calvin Farrow and Abraham Mendez.

“Practices have been going very well,” said McBride. “Kids are growing by leaps and bounds. When we started off, I was pretty nervous.  But I’m comfortable about us being competitive this season.”

Pitching is a concern, he said, noting that he has “some kids who can pitch — but with very little experience doing it.”

Jeff and Carrie Hunt are overseeing the T-ball/coach-pitch program this summer.

Hunt said those two teams start practice this week and will open the season with 5:30 and 6:30 p.m. games in Basin on June 13. Additional games with Basin as well as Otto are also on the schedule.

Joe Forcella, who managed last year’s Babe Ruth to within a win of qualifying for regionals, was unable to round up enough players to field a team this year.  He said the older returnees are playing Legion ball in Lovell, while the younger ones have joined Babe Ruth teams in Worland.