BHC reaches Endowment Challenge goal

When the Wyoming Library Endowment Challenge was established in 2008, it required each county to secure $10,000 after which it would be entitled to 3-to-1 matching funds. The “challenge” was for Big Horn County to raise $100,000 (by June 30, 2013) all of which would be eligible for the match.

The Big Horn County Library Foundation did it.

Thanks to the support and generosity of businesses, individuals, organizations, alumni, and friends and users of the libraries in its communities, the Foundation has raised the $100,000 and attained 10 matches from the state by the deadline.

According to Foundation officer Carolyn Walton, this “is a cause for celebration in that the Big Horn County library system has an endowment in place administered by the BHCL Foundation. With the cutbacks set by the county commissioners this year the endowment proceeds will be of even greater importance to the libraries of the county.” It is to be noted that Challenge funds do not affect the funding provided by the Big Horn County mill levy.

The 2013 state Legislature voted to extend the matching fund program until 2017, but Walton said “The Foundation Board will step back from the aggressive campaign utilized over the past four years,” but will continue to work with library patrons who want to see the Endowment grow.

Since their inception, the matching funds have provided audio and classic book collections, new circulation desks, technology equipment and upgrades and computers.

“The library staff and Foundation board cannot thank everyone enough for the interest and support given throughout the Endowment Matching Fund Challenge,” Walton said.

Foundation officers include Walton, Judy Morris and John Koller.