Stadtfeld has logged ‘a lot of overtime’

by marlys good

“My dad always said when you get to be 65 you’re living on borrowed time so I have a lot of overtime in,” laughed Louise Stadtfeld, who will turn 96 on the 14th of July.

Not only does she have 31 years of overtime, she lives independently in the house she and husband Lon moved into back in 1946. She does her own cleaning, although she admitted she had “a girl come in two or three times at one point. I’ve been thinking about getting a little help but so far I haven’t. I clean up my own messes. I can’t blame the kids anymore; those days are gone.”

Most of the time she eats lunch at the South Big Horn Senior Center, not only because she knows she’ll get one well-balanced meal a day, but because she enjoys “being with people. I don’t like being alone all the time.” She also plays bridge; her club plays at the senior center.

She watches television, listens to music and does handwork to pass the time. “I make quilts, knit, embroidery, that kind of work although I don’t have anything going right now. I guess I’m kind of lazy. I like doing things I have to figure out, plan how to do, follow a pattern. I don’t like sitting, doing the same thing all the time.”

The busy lady also raises a garden.

Louise has two children, Lonna Baird, who lives in Powell, and a son Wallace in Billings, a retired music teacher who now takes care of his wife, who has MS, as well as “a boy I raised, Warren Stadtfeld, who lives in Cody.” She also has three grandsons, a great-grandson and a great-granddaughter. She enjoys visits from her family whenever they can fit it into their busy schedules.

“I still enjoy life,” she said. And independent living is an added plus in her “overtime” years.