The Speakeasy back in the booze biz

by nathan oster

The Speakeasy got its liquor license back Monday night when the Greybull Town Council agreed to transfer the license to Lori Davis and lift its suspension of that license, which had been in effect since July 8.

The license had been under the names of Myles Foley and Lori Davis — the two principal owners of not only The Speakeasy but also the Historic Hotel Greybull and Mylo’s Coffee Shop — until Foley was informed that as a sitting member of the town council, he was prohibited by state statute to hold a liquor license in the community that he served.

The council suspended the license on July 8.  That same week it began advertising the public hearing, which was required to complete the license transfer. That notice ran the required four times in the Standard.

Nine days the license was suspended, on July 17, Foley and Davis were arrested for selling alcohol without a license.  They subsequently pleaded not guilty and the matter is now in the court system, with a bench trial tentatively scheduled for Sept. 25.

None of that came up Monday night, however, as the council focused instead on the transfer of the license, which occurred on a unanimous vote, as did the lifting of the suspension that had been imposed by the council.

In both instances, Councilman Bob Graham sought and received assurances from Kent Richens, a special council brought in to represent the town in the Foley-Davis proceedings, that the transfer and lifting of the suspension would have no bearing on the criminal proceedings.

Earlier in the meeting, Richins introduced himself to the council, saying he’s worked as the city attorney in Worland for 25 years, Kirby for 13 and Basin for five.  “I’m here to assist,” he told the council.