Town gears up for community assessment

The Town of Greybull is hosting a Rural Resource Team visit September 17-19, 2013. The community sponsors of this event are the Greybull Area Chamber of Commerce and the Greybull Economic Development Board.

The Resource Team is being invited into the community to assist in:
1) developing an objective community assessment based on community input; 2) holding listening sessions for the community at large (where the team listens to the community suggestions); 3) facilitating a resource team town meeting; 4) delivering a resource team report to the community, complete with resource team members’ personal recommendations; and 5) providing post-resource team support and follow-up.

The resource team consists of a panel of knowledgeable individuals from outside the community who are actively involved in some area of rural community development. They volunteer their time and services as a resource team member.

The community is invited to attend any of the one-hour listening sessions, which will be held Tuesday evening and all day on Wednesday and on Thursday morning, in order to answer the following three questions:

What are the major problems and challenges in the community?

What are the major strengths and assets in the community?

What projects would you like to see accomplished in the community in the next two, five, 10, and 20 years?

On Thursday night, the resource team will facilitate a town meeting where 1) the listening session responses will be read; 2) Major themes in the community will be provided; and 3) the resource team members will give the community a preview of their recommendations to be included in the resource team report.

In an effort to foster as much community participation as possible, community sector representatives will be asked to assist in publicizing the resource team visit and recruiting individuals to attend the listening sessions. All community members are invited to attend one of the listening sessions, even if they have not been previously contacted.

For information on the resource team effort, the listening session process, or the listening session agenda, contact community resource team planning leader Julie Bilbrey at 765-9319.