Schools report jumps in enrollment

by nathan oster

Enrollment is up sharply this fall in all three Big Horn County School District No. 3 buildings.

As of Aug. 27 — which was one full week into the 2013-14 school year — the district’s enrollment was set at 532 students, an increase of more than 40 students compared to the 490 counted on the opening day of the 2012-13 school year.

Greybull Elementary School, with 223 students on the books on Aug. 27, has experienced the biggest gains.   The school opened last year with 202 students.  By September, it had fallen to 197.  But when school let out in May, it had grown to 216.

The school has one of the largest classes in the district, with 47 kids in the third grade.  The district addressed this problem with the hiring of an additional third-grade teacher, giving it three total.

The second grade is another large one, with 44 students on the books.  But at that level, there are just two teachers.

Other class numbers from GES include 11 in junior kindergarten, 32 in kindergarten, 32 in first grade, 29 in fourth grade and 28 in fifth grade.

GMS opened last year with 123 students, but this year its opening enrollment came in at 131, an increase of eight.  According to numbers supplied by the school office, the seventh grade has 48 kids, the eighth grade 45 and the sixth grade 38.

Greybull High School’s enrollment grew by eight students, rising to an opening day enrollment this year of 178 compared to the 170 who were counted on the opening day last year.

The breakdown by class shows 46 freshmen, 45 sophomores, 47 juniors and 40 seniors.