Resignation casts cloud over fair derby

Derby future mulled


After accepting the resignation of demolition derby organizer, the Big Horn County Fair Board discussed options for the Sunday afternoon entertainment at next year’s county fair.

Demolition Derby organizer Timmy Kennedy came to the Big Horn County Fair Board Monday to discuss the notary bill that was turned down at last month’s meeting.

Kennedy said there was a lack of communication with the fair management. He said he was unaware that Security State Bank would be available and provide a notary. He said the bank employees were not available when the drivers began checking in.

Notary is required to check legal driver’s license for drivers, notarize waivers and make sure pit crew members have legal ID.

“The bill does need to be paid and does not need to be paid out of my pocket,” Kennedy said.

He said he was unaware of the new meeting date for the October meeting, which was moved to Sept. 30.

Chairman Felix Carrizales said the board will pay the bill and that this is a good time to “terminate everything else and terminate our relationship here” with Kennedy. Kennedy said, “Perfect becausee I was going to resign tonight anyway with my entire derby committee.”

Carrizales said the board would accept that resignation.

Following the resignation, board member Andy Perkins asked how much the fair board makes on demolition derby. Fair Manager Vangi Hackney said the board receives all the gate revenue, which was about $6,000 this past year with an attendance of 807. The derby was the second highest attended grandstand event this year with the rodeo the highest at 830 and pig wrestling at 537, according to figures provided following the fair at the August meeting.

Carl Nielsen said the board needs something to bring in additional revenue with the loss of the beer gardens revenue.

Perkins said it appears the derby has issues every year and the fair should look at something new.

Hackney said that while at the Rocky Mountain Association of Fairs convention in Casper next week she can look at bringing in something for Sunday, such as monster trucks. She said tractor pulls have been suggested but it would be the day after the Washakie County Fair and not sure if there is enough interest.

Carrizales asked Hackney to look into various options for that Sunday afternoon grandstand entertainment.

He added there are some other area residents interested in running the derby so the derby is still an option for Sunday afternoon.