Menke 1/2A Forensic Coach of Year

by marlys good

Ted Menke, coach of the Greybull High School Grey Ghost forensic team, has been long respected in Wyoming High School forensic circles. His expertise was recognized when he was honored as the 2013-14 1A/2A Coach of the Season by the Wyoming High School Forensic Association.

Don Parson, teacher and forensic coach at Green River High School and president of the WHSFA, said, “Ted’s success and skills as a coach are without peer, as reflected by the vote of our membership with respect to this award. Ted has established a very strong program at Greybull High School and brings welcome energy to our activity. It (has been) a pleasure to be able to coach with Ted and learn by his example.”

John Durkee coaches the forensic team at Laramie High School and in a light-hearted vein said, “Ted Menke is the only coach I know who smiles and thanks you for giving him a ballot every single time; even if he missed lunch and it is now dinner time.” On a more serious note Durkee shared, “He is thoughtful when issues arise and will provide advice – even against his own best interests if it is the right thing to do. Ted cares about all the speech students of Wyoming almost as much as he cares about his own students.”

Mark Houser, one of the nominating coaches, said, “Ted has been a consistent presence at Greybull for over 26 years. His effectiveness as a coach is evident by his team’s successes over the decades. Ted is a ‘three-diamond’ coach, which is a remarkable achievement for a coach.”

Wendy Kuper, currently coach of the Rawlins High School forensic team, was Menke’s Grey Ghost assistant coach for six years.

“Ted has been a guiding force in the speech community since he took the position in 1981. He led his team to more than 17 state titles. He is always there to lend a helping hand to any ‘new coach with wonderfully encouraging words of wisdom. There are few coaches in the state more respected than Ted. His advice and contribution to this state activity will be sorely missed.”

Parson emphasized “how respected and admired Ted is by all of us in the speech and debate community. Greybull High School is very fortunate to have a coach, and person, of this caliber in its ranks.”