GBAC claims six titles in annual tourney

by nathan oster

Six members of the Greybull-Basin Athletic Club won their weight classes at the team’s annual tournament held Saturday at Buff Gym in Greybull.

Loomis Alexander, Kyler Winters, Nathaniel Boreen, Colton Farrow, Kody Gotfredson and Tate Clutter were the team’s individual champions.

GBAC had one of the largest teams entered in the tournament, with more than 50 kids competing out of the total field of 171 wresters.  In all, 13 teams attended.

Sara Schlattmann, one of the organizers of the event, offered kudos to the volunteers, donors and coaches. “It was a great tournament and went very smoothly thanks to everyone’s help,” she said. “We have a great group of parents who really have given a lot to make this program successful through fundraising and attending practice and tournaments.

GBAC will compete at the Lovell tournament on Saturday.  It’ll be the final tournament of the year for those wrestlers who aren’t going on to the state competition, which is scheduled for April 17-19.

Schlattmann said this has been one of the largest GBAC teams in recent memory, with 69 members hailing from Burlington, Otto, Emblem, Basin, Manderson, Shell and Greybull.

The placers from Saturday’s tournament in Greybull are as follows:



PEE WEE: Ryne Harder was fifth at 40A; Sy Schlattmann was second at 40B; Elizabeth Holloway was third at 45A; Rex Cooper was third at 50; Bennett Sanford was second at 50; Izak Newman was fifth at 50; Corbyn Godfrey was fifth at 55-60; Derek Nicholson was fourth at 55-60; Taft Winters was second at 55-60.

BANTAM: Gunnar Pease was fourth at 40-45A; Loomis Alexander was first at 50; David McBride was second at 50; James Gormley was fifth at 50; Dariun Nicholson was fifth at 55A; Clifford Winters was second at 55B; Jack Tyler Pharaoh placed sixth at 55B; Kyler Winters was first at 60B; Weston Gotfredson was fifth at 65; Joe Bassett was fourth at 70.

INTERMEDIATE: Logan Saldana was second at 40-50; Nicholas Eckman was fifth at 55; Coby Henderson was second at 60; Connor Hatch was sixth at 60; Aiden Collingwood was fourth at 60; Xavier Valdez was fourth at 70; Nathaniel Boreen was first at 70; Dylan Alexander was third at 75; Porter Duncan was sixth at 75; Jake Schlattmann was fourth at 75; Aidan Farrow was sixth at 80; Grant Winters was fifth at 80; Titus Nicholson was fourth at 87; Caroline Schlattmann was second at 87; Jack Gotfredson was third at 87; James Love was third at 95; Connor Paxton was second at 103; Colton Farrow was first at 112-120; John Haley was second at 112-120.

NOVICE: Tucker Hatch was third at 65-70; Zachary Ridgway was fifth at 75; Avery Swiftney was fifth at 80; Cash Duncan was third at 85; Kody Gotfredson was first at 85; Chase Oster was sixth at 90-100; Dale McBride was fifth at 90-100; David Briscoe was fourth at 90-100; Tate Clutter was first at 112-130.

SCHOOLBOY: Jacob Cook was second at 84-98; Nick Schlattmann was second at 138-145.