Coming soon: Family Dollar

by nathan oster

Ground has been broken for Greybull’s new Family Dollar store, which is being built at the corner of Sixth Street and Fourth Avenue North.

Dave Murdoch, a preferred developer for Family Dollar, said that it’ll take about 120 days for the building to be finished.  Once it is, it will be turned over to Family Dollar, which is going to lease it.

“We’re probably looking at being open for business in four to five months, realistically,” said Murdoch.

Soon after completing the purchase of the location last spring, Murdoch announced an ambitious construction timeline, saying he wanted the building to be done in time for Family Dollar to move in before the holiday shopping season.

But last October, the decision was made to delay the start of construction until this spring.

“It should go pretty fast from this point,” he said.

Murdoch said a manager from another store will be brought in 60 to 70 days to consult in the construction process.  He has built a number of stores for Family Dollar, including the locations in Lovell and Thermopolis.

Murdoch said the store will be built to the size of 8,320 square feet, and that even though it won’t open until mid August at the earliest, Family Dollar will begin taking applications long before that on its website (