County valuation declines by $11.5 million

According to Big Horn County Assessor Gina Anderson, the valuation dropped from $289,109,390 to $277,654,615. The decrease was due to a $19 million decrease in state assessed valuation. The loss would have been worse had local valuation not increased by $7.5 million.

Local valuation total was at $103,813,525. State assessed valuation was at $173,841,090 with the county’s total valuation at $277,654,615.

The largest decreases in state assessed valuation came in bentonite with a drop of $12,446,882 from 2013. Oil also showed a big drop of $7.8 million from last year.

Others dropping in valuation were gypsum, sand/gravel, gas distribution, gas pipeline, major electrics, cable and satellite, cellular telecommunications and rural telephone.

Natural gas, $903,022, railroad, $441,659, and reseller telecommunications had the highest increases in valuation for state assessed. Also increasing were liquid pipeline, rural electrics, municipal electrics and major telecommunications.

For the local assessed valuation, Anderson said the “irrigated crop land was up. She said the valuation is based on the five-year weighted average of hay sale. It’s been going up the last three years but I think it’s going to taper off.”

Anderson said, “We’re going to be looking at all ag lands in the county to see if adjustments need to be made in classifications.”

Fourteen special districts lost valuation, Anderson said, mainly from the drop in bentonite and oil valuations. The largest drops came in School District 3, $11,244,142, North Big Horn Hospital, $13,927,738, Fire District No. 1, $15,535,650, Byron Cemetery, $8,771,880, Lovell Cemetery, $5,720,129, Shoshone Conservation District, $13,659,253.

All municipalities showed an increase in valuation except for Frannie, which dropped $2,404. The town of Basin, which had decreased the last three years, increased $237,423 to $6,552,349. Lovell also showed a considerable increase of $251,771 with Cowley increasing $221,537. Byron had the fourth largest increase at $140,246.

Municipal valuations are as follows:

Basin, $6,552,349.

Burlington, $1,403,184.

Byron, $2,210,799.

Cowley, $3,859,640.

Deaver, $848,720.

Frannie, $523,545.

Greybull, $8,909,682.

Lovell, $10,529,509.

Manderson, $553,169.