Powers inducted into Naval Academy

McKenna Powers was inducted into the United States Naval Academy in an impressive ceremony held July 1 in Annapolis. Her mother and father, Cindy and Duane Powers, and her older sister Alex were present for the swearing-in ceremony.

McKenna’s big day started at 6:30 a.m. when the first group of recruits went through medical examinations and administrative processing and were issued their equipment.

At 5:25 p.m. the 1,192 plebes marched into the hall to receive the oath of office. Following the ceremony, any recruit who requested a personal swearing-in could do so. McKenna had requested her father, who has a long tradition with the Navy, do the honors. It was a special moment when he received his daughter’s first salute.

After the ceremony the newly sworn-in cadets were allowed 45 minutes with their parents, for pictures, hugs, kisses and goodbyes, after which the entire class marched into Bancroft Hall.

Cindy said, “When those big doors closed, all we could do was turn and walk away, hoping for great things for her future.”

After the ceremony, Duane left for Afghanistan, Alex flew back to Laramie, and Cindy returned to Greybull.

Recruits are cut off from all television and Internet access and are permitted to make just three phone calls (each a strict 30-minutes) in the seven-week stretch (Plebe Parents’ Weekend is Aug. 7 and recruits are allowed off campus).

McKenna’s first call was to her mother Sunday, July 13. In the short time they had, she said she enjoyed her roommates, one from California, one from Wisconsin, and had been in touch with the track coach who encouraged her to join.

“She said she was excited to try out for it and since they have to run everywhere all the time she should be in good running condition.”