County shooters claim victory at State Shoot

Tucker Hatch of Burlington and Weston Haley of Greybull paced the 17-member Big Horn County shooting sports team at the State Shoot held July 10-13 in Douglas. More than 600 kids from across the state competed in the event.

Hatch, competing in the junior division, took first in .22 Rifle Light Target division as well as in Archery Class B, while Haley captured his firsts in the Shotgun division. The two young shooters also joined forces with Paige Flom of Shell to win an Archery team competition.

Team members have competed in weekly practices since May, polishing their talents and honing their skills.

“We are fortunate to have dedicated youth, parents, leaders and supporters,” said Gretchen Gasvoda. “Special thanks to Code Red Tactical for sponsoring shirts for our state shooters.”


22 Pistol

Junior Division: 4, Nicole Boreen (Otto).

22 Rifle

Light Target

Junior Division: 21, Jeremy Holloway (Emblem).

Sporter Jr Division: 1, Tucker Hatch (Burlington).   11, Nathaniel Boreen (Otto). 13, Conner Hatch (Burlington).

Intermediate Division: 22, Will Dalin (Greybull).

Senior Division: 5, Kade Gifford (Lovell). 13, Dawson Wood (Cowley). 20, Drayton Griffin (Shell). 30, Cody Strauch (Greybull).


Air Pistol

Junior Division: 10, Nathaniel Boreen (Otto).


Air Rifle Light Target

Senior Division: 40, Drayton Griffin (Shell).



Class B

Junior Division: 1, Tucker Hatch (Burlington). 13, Paige Flom (Shell). 19, Weston Haley (Greybull).

Intermediate Division: 29, Karina Boreen (Otto).

Class D

Junior Division: 33, Jeremy Holloway (Emblem). 71, Tyler Dalin (Greybull).

Intermediate Division: 12, Harley Flom (Shell). 16, Morgan Haley (Greybull). 58, Will Dalin (Greybull).

Senior Division: 15, Reece May (Cowley). 22, Kade Gifford (Lovell). 36, Drayton Griffin (Shell). 49, Cody Strauch (Greybull).


Outdoor Skills Competition

Junior Division: 8, Jeremy Holloway (Emblem). 18, Weston Haley (Greybull).

Intermediate Division: 49, Morgan Haley (Greybull).

Senior Division: 23, Drayton Griffin (Shell). 44, Cody Strauch (Greybull).



Junior Division: 1, Weston Haley (Greybull).

Intermediate Division: 20, Will Dalin (Greybull). 40, Morgan Haley (Greybull).

Senior Division: 24, Drayton Griffin (Shell). 31, Dawson Wood (Cowley). 32, Cody Strauch (Greybull). 84, Kade Gifford (Lovell).


Shotgun with Handicap

Junior Division: 1, Weston Haley (Greybull).

Intermediate Division: 30, Will Dalin (Greybull). 46, Morgan Haley (Greybull).

Senior Division: 16, Drayton Griffin (Shell). 25, Dawson Wood (Cowley). 55, Cody Strauch (Greybull). 78, Kade Gifford (Lovell).


Pistol : 9, Senior Team 9 (Drayton Griffin, Kade Gifford, Cody Strauch).

Sporter: 4, Junior Rifle Team (Tucker Hatch, Nathaniel Boreen, Conner Hatch).

Unsighted: 1, Junior Archery Team (Tucker Hatch, Paige Flom, Weston Haley).

Freestyle: 12, Junior Archery Team (Harley Flom, Morgan Haley, Jeremy Holloway, Karina Boreen).

Freestyle: 7, Senior Archery Team (Reece May, Kade Gifford, Drayton Griffin, Cody Strauch).