Livestock sale total soars above $200,000

by nathan oster

This year’s Big Horn County Junior Livestock Sale was one of the best ever, as the 149 animals that were put up by their owners fetched $224,117.75, plus another $16,000 to $18,000 in total add-ons.

The total sale was up 18 percent from the 2013 sale figure, $188,756.

Some of it can be explained by the fact that more animals were sold this year, 149, than in either of the previous two years. In 2013, 132 animals were sold. In 2012, there were 138.

The average sale price for beef climbed, but the averages for swine, lamb and goats dropped.

The 21 beef sold for an average of $4.11 per pound, up from $2.86 last year. The top beef, belonging to Kade Gifford, brought $11,740 from Miller Fabrication. Gifford also had the steer that brought the most money in 2013.

The 62 swine sold for $4.21 per pound, down from $4.91 last year. Brac Walker’s hog brought the most, $1,864. Greybull Valley Ranch made the purchase.

The 61 lambs sold for an average of $6.45 per pound, down from $7.25 last year. The top lamb was put up by Lane Herman and brought $1,425 from Big Horn REA.

Three goats sold for an average of $8.33 per pound, down from $11.08 last year. As was the case last year, Dusty Miller had the goat that brought the most, $816. Rocking JR Ranch made the purchase.

Two rabbits for an average of $512.50 apiece. Brittany Mangus had the top seller, earning $525 from National Auction Service.

The fair board also sold a hog, with all proceeds going to fund the multi-purpose facility that is proposed on the fairgrounds. The two halves made a total of $750.