Golfers enjoy Ryder Cup-style weekend at Midway

by nathan oster

It wasn’t the same three-man, two-man best ball format that has been used in the past, but this year’s Midway Open didn’t disappoint, providing golfers with two days of fun, spirited competition.

Sixteen golfers participated.

A Ryder Cup-style format was used, with four-ball and alternate shot Saturday and a two-man scramble and individual head-to-head play wrapping up the tournament on Sunday.

Team 1 consisted of Mike Longshore, Lonnie Koch, Carl Olson, Aubrey Owen, Travis Tigner, Frank Kelly, Jim Ryles and Eddie Johnson.

Team 2 constisted of Michael McColloch, Bob Fink, Mike Larchick, Chuck Hopkin, Eddie Craft, Scott McColloch, Ryan Lipp and Ross Henderson.

The competition was decided in the individual head-to-head round on Sunday.

Team 1 was up by one point going into the championship.

But Team 2 erased that deficit and eventually won by a single point.

“While we were disappointed that the three-man, two-man best ball tournament did not happen, the Ryder Cup format provided a lot of competition for all those involved,” said Eddie Johnson, a member of the club. “The teams were competitive and the golfing was a lot of fun.”

Frank Kelly and Carl Olson were the top point scorers for Team 1.

Team 2 was led by Bob Fink and Chuck Hopkin.

Lisa’s and O’Reilly Auto Parts provided the prizes.

Sponsors made the tournament — and the course in general — possible.

“That support makes our golf course unique and also a special place to play,” said Johnson.

Several events remain on this year’s golf schedule at Midway.

A Friday night fun event is planned for Aug. 22.

“If you have never played in one before, it’s a lot of fun,” said Johnson.

The Club Championship is planned for Sept. 13-14, again using the Ryder Cup format.

“Get signed up for these and enjoy the fall time of golf that is available to everyone,” said Johnson.