Mattis, Collingwood qualify for council

by nathan oster

Scott Mattis and Rod Collingwood received the most write-in votes for the two expiring seats on the Greybull Town Council and will be challenging Richard “Pappy” Capen and Les Lowe in the November general election.

Two-hundred seventy write-in votes were cast in the Aug. 19 primary election.

Scott Mattis, with 80, received the most votes, followed by Collingwood with 78.

The Big Horn County Clerk’s Office on Friday informed both men that they were eligible to join the race for the two council seats now held by Bob McGuire and Ross Jorgensen, neither of whom sought re-election.

Annette Dillon, who works in the clerk’s office, indicated that Mattis and Collingwood have accepted the write-in nominations.

The other write-in candidates who would have qualified to join the race, had either Mattis or Collingwood declined their nominations, were Brian Terry with 23 write-ins, followed by David Bernard with 18, Dave Havener with 11, Leah Herren with 10, John King with eight, Nate Kreider with seven, Alan Bentley with three and Bob McGuire with three.

Capen received the most votes in last week’s election, receiving 240. Les Lowe was next in line with 224. Jennifer Lowe, who within days of filing earlier this summer dropped out of the race, received 106 votes. The official election return also shows 294 over votes and 18 under votes.

In the race for Greybull mayor, Myles Foley was officially credited with 304 votes, or 53 percent, and Bob Graham with 258 votes, or 45 percent. There were four write-in votes, no under votes and 10 over votes.