More Ryder Cup-styled fun at Midway

by nathan oster

Midway Golf Club members enjoyed their recent Ryder Cup-style competition so much they did it twice. Sixteen showed up for the redux, dubbed the Ryder Cup Challenge II, which played out on Sunday.

Aubrey Owens, Eddie Craft, Lonnie Koch, Frank Kelly, Jeff Probst, Jim Ryles, Mike Larchick and Riki Shimigaki competed as Team A.

Team B consisted of Al Madden, Bob Fink, Chuck Hopkin, Joe Holloway, Mike Longshore, Ross Henderson, Ryan Lipp and Wayne Rea.

Golfers played three nine-hole rounds consisting of a best-ball round, followed by an alternate shot round and finishing with individual competition for the final round.

The score was tight and competitive throughout the challenge. Team A led by a single point after the first round. The lead changed hands after the second round with Team B leading by a point going into the individual matches. Team A came back to tie the match with only one match remaining and then won the challenge by a single stroke by winning the final match.

“It was a fun day that had a lot of competition and good golf,” said Eddie Johnson.

There were only two deuces during the challenge and one of those came during the alternate shot by Wayne Rea and Al Madden. Bob Fink garnered a deuce during the individual matches.

“There was a lot of good golf played by a number of players that made for exciting matches. The goal was to have fun in the final planned event at the course and these guys seemed to have a lot of that.”

The final event for the golf course will be the annual meeting on Oct. 12. The day will include golf and a meal.   Added Johnson, “I encourage all members to get involved with this and join us at the golf course. Times will be announced very soon.”