New officer joins GPD

by nathan oster

A Midwest native and former chief of police in Kaycee has joined the Greybull Police Department.

C.S. “Tad” Dickey began working as a patrol officer on Sept. 22, joining a department that already included Chief Bill Brenner, three other patrol officers in Neal Corr, Sean Alquist and Greg Hess and animal control officer Doug Youngerman.

Dickey worked for 15 years “in the oil patch” before deciding to go into law enforcement in 1993. At the time, he took advantage of a program that allowed civilians to enroll in the police academy.

“I did it all on my own dime,” he said, adding later that he graduated at the top of his class.

He has been in law enforcement ever since. For three years, he worked as a resident deputy in Glendo. For another year, he was Platte County undersheriff. His longest stretch in the same position, however, came in Kaycee, where for nine year he was the police chief.

Dickey described it as “a one-man police department” in which he’d work regular hours during the week and then be on call evenings and weekends. It was a job that he enjoyed, particularly because he was working in a small, rural community. He eventually moved on, however, landing in Saratoga where for four months he worked as a patrol officer before accepting the call to come to Greybull.

“I wanted to be closer to my grandchildren,” he said, noting that one lives in Buffalo, the other in Moorcroft. He has moved into a rental in Greybull; his wife Phyllis will join him shortly after finishing some things up in Saratoga.

Dickey said he went into law enforcement because he was looking for “an easier way to make a living” than working in the oil patch, which he said took a tremendous physical toll on his body.

“I also see a police officer as having an opportunity to make an impact on their community,” he said. “Granted, sometimes the impact of what we do is negative. But the opportunity is there to make a difference, however big or small, in the lives of people.”