Recount doesn’t change mayor’s race

by nathan oster

An automatic recount triggered by the close nature of the mayoral election in Greybull did not change the outcome that was reported on the night of the election, according to Big Horn County Clerk Lori Smallwood.

Myles Foley, currently a member of the town council, won a four-year term as mayor, starting in January of 2015. Foley was credited with 311 votes, good for 50.1 percent of the total votes cast, according to the official tally produced by the clerk’s office.

His opponent, current Mayor Bob Graham, lost by five votes, finishing with 306 votes, or 49.4 percent.

Three write-in votes were cast for Greybull mayor.

In addition, the count turned up seven “under votes” — in which the person submitting the ballot did not indicate a preference between the two candidates.

Smallwood said she informed both Foley and Graham of the results of the recount.

Graham said he accepted the decision and visited Foley in his restaurant Friday to congratulate him on a good race and let him know he’d be willing to help him in any way during his final two months in office and also after Foley is sworn in as the new mayor.

“Whatever is needed from me, I’m willing to do,” said Graham.

In his final two months as mayor, he said he would continue to work to secure USDA funding for the waterline replacement project. “Hopefully we can go out to bid on that before the end of the year,” he said.

No recount was needed in the race for two seats on the town council.

Scott Mattis and Rod Collingwood outdistanced Richard “Pappy” Capen and Les Lowe to win four-year terms.

Mattis finished with 455 votes, good for 40 percent.

Collingwood had 388, or 34 percent.

Capen got 13 percent of the vote, 156 total, followed by Lowe at 11 percent, 129 total.

There were eight write-ins, two overvotes (ballots with more than two candidates selected) and 116 undervotes (ballots where one or fewer candidates was selected).