Building focus turns inside to arena design

By karla pomeroy

With the building construction underway, the fair multi-purpose building committee is looking to finish designs for the arena.

At Monday’s fair board meeting, Casey Sorenson said a representative from Tarter Farm and Ranch Equipment was provided a copy of the blueprints and will be designing an arena to fit in the area.

“He didn’t think the size would be a problem. He said portability of items will give us versatility,” Sorenson said.

He said he will be designing four bucking chutes and providing estimates. There will be a return alley on the west side so heelers in team roping can avoid hitting their loops on the beams.

“He did say wider and longer would be better but the width really shouldn’t be a problem,” Sorensons said.

In regard to the length, Chairman Tim Flitner said the building will allow for expansion as finances allow. He said his hope is that as organizations use the facility they would help raise funds for an expansion.

“His concern was seating and where we would be keeping horses when they weren’t competing,” Sorenson said.

He said for roping events there isn’t much seating room, but the Tarter representative wondered about some seating above the restrooms. Sorenson said he has contacted county engineer Willie Bridges to see if that would be feasible with the current plans and funding.

As for the horses, he said, the only spot for them would be the wash bays.

Flitner said, “I anticipate a lot of complaints about the inadequacies of this facility, but a lot of events won’t be spectator events,” such as team roping and barrel racing. He added that competitors will pay to compete.

Hackney asked the board how they wanted her to promote the facility for use.

Flitner said he wasn’t worried about usage and wanted funds to be spent on the new facility.

Hackney said she could talk to area facilities and let them know when the Big Horn County facility would be ready for people who may not be able to find space or time in those other facilities.

Hackney said she also contacted Western Ranch Supply for chute prices and pen prices.