No progress on vacant seat

by nathan oster

Members of the Greybull Town Council appear to have reached an impasse in their effort to fill the seat that Myles Foley vacated when he became mayor.

On Monday, for the second time in as many months, the new mayor saw his hand-picked choice to fill the vacant seat fail to win the support of the full council.

Last month Foley offered the name of Richard “Pappy” Capen.

This month it was Marguerite Van Dyke.

On both occasions, Councilman Clay Collingwood backed the mayor’s appointee. And in both cases, neither Scott Mattis nor Rod Collingwood seconded the motion.

Without a second, each motion died.

Mondays discussion went a step further than the one in January, however, as Mattis moved to seek applications from citizens of the community who are interested in filling the vacant seat, starting on Feb. 12. Rod Collingwood seconded the motion.

Mattis said, “Everybody I’ve heard from would like to see us conduct this discussion in a more public manner — rather than just having a motion, no second and a stalemate.”

His motion also failed, however, with two lining up in support (Mattis and Rod Collingwood) and two on the opposing side (Mayor Foley and Clay Collingwood).

Foley said he thought the council should have given Van Dyke stronger consideration. Because the motion never got a second, it never reached the discussion phase. Van Dyke was in attendance, willing to answer questions.

But Rod Collingwood noted that by law, Van Dyke would have been eliminated as a candidate if there was a motion and a second to appoint her and the full council didn’t approve it. He called her a viable candidate for the position and suggested that if she was still interested, she could write a letter of interest and be considered by the council just like everyone else.