Blair’s chain purchases Ron’s Food Farm

Ron’s Food Farm will soon offer its last red-hot deal. After 36 years, Ron Fiene is selling his Greybull grocery store to Brent and Kent Foulger of Blair’s Supermarkets, in favor of retirement. The new owners expect a smooth transition, which will be completed later this spring.

“Selling the store is the hardest decision, but I truly feel it is the right one,” said Fiene. “I have a lot of respect and admiration for Blair’s and know they will continue to take care of our customers.”

Shoppers in the new store won’t see many changes. The store team will remain the same, with Blair’s expecting to offer employment to all of Ron’s existing employees. Store guests will still be able to get their favorite products including fresh produce, meat, seafood, deli, oven-fresh bakery items and a wide selection of floral and liquor. The new owners plan to add 2,500 square feet to the 21,000 square foot store to expand the produce, frozen and dairy departments.

The Greybull store is the fourth Blair’s Supermarket in the Big Horn Basin. The family grocer has stores in Powell, Worland and Thermopolis. Blair’s focuses on serving their shoppers with exceptional customer service, well stocked shelves, competitive pricing and giving back to the community in any way they can.

“With the addition of the Greybull store, we are excited to have a presence throughout the Big Horn Basin,” said Kent Foulger. “We look forward to continuing the service and community support shoppers have come to know at Blair’s.”


Future snowbird

Since it opened in 1979, Ron’s Food Farm has been a staple of the Greybull business community, offering excellent customer service and continual support of community programs and schools. Fiene, of course, has been there from day one.

“I guess you could say all the years are starting to add up,” said Fiene.

Chronic back pain and consultation with doctors contributed to the decision. Fiene said he could be looking at back surgery down the road, and that at the very least, he’s planning to spend the winter months in a warmer climate. He tried Florida on for size during the recent holiday season and concluded, “There’s something to be said for this.”

The change won’t happen overnight. The liquor license must first be transferred, a process that could last into April.

“There’s just a lot of good reasons to do it right now,” said Fiene.

Like Ron’s, Blair’s is affiliated with Associated Foods, so advertising won’t change much.

Fiene said Blair’s is also committed to retaining the current staff and has already chosen Doyle Waterworth, one of Fiene’s top hands, to run the Greybull store.

Store hours are expected to be virtually the same.

“I’m pleased that they are going to keep everyone on,” said Fiene. “I can tell you, the last four months have been a struggle. I haven’t been able to do as much, and when you’re limited in that way, it’s not as much fun.”