Walton skies to Olympic golds

by marlys good

It was Olympic gold for Carolyn Walton at the Senior Olympic Winter Games held recently in Cody.

Walton won gold medals in the 75-79 age division in both classic and freestyle skiing with times of 41.57 and 52.44 respectively.

Walton has been cross-country skiing for a ”lot of years. It’s my transportation back and forth from the cabin (in the Big Horns). We used to go in by snow machine, but (now) it’s much easier to cross-country in.”

Walton’s brother-in-law, Tom Black, talked her into entering the Olympics. He had competed in them several years ago when they were held in Pinedale. “Tom’s son-in-law talked him into it, and he kept telling me what fun it is. He told me ‘Next year, I’m going to talk you into it.’” And he did and the result was gold but more important, “It was something new, and it was fun. I would do it again.”

Black also “did it again,” and ended up taking gold in the 5K freestyle skiing in a time of 53.41, and silver in the 5K classic event with a time of 58.39. He was competing in the 80-84-year-old division

Black’s daughter and son-in-law Joel and Jeri Black Farber made it a sweep. Joel won gold in 10K classic skiing (1:15.08) and Jeri took silver in the 5K classic with a time of 35.50.

Adding to the fun was a catered dinner at the Cody Rec Center after which they all had the opportunity to attend the hockey game between the Yellowstone Quakes and the Gillette Miners.

Walton said, “There was lots to take in. The hockey game was one of the perks, as were the catered supper and banquet at the Irma Hotel Saturday.”

It was so much fun, Walton said she plans on doing it next year when they will be held in Cody again.

But she’s going to do a little arm-twisting between now and then.

“Cindy Schlattmann, June Booth (Hyattville) and I have skied together for years. I’m going to try to talk them into it next year. And I might try downhill next year, ” she added.

There’s always room for more gold.