On stage: ‘Of Moss and Men’

“Of Moss and Men,” a mystery/comedy by David Meyer, has been selected for the annual spring play to be presented Friday, May 1 and Saturday, May 2 in the Greybull High School auditorium.

According to the synopsis, Mr. and Mrs. Moss (Andrew Bottom and Samantha Stewart) are the proud new owners of an old abandoned inn which they immediately want to restore and turn into a nightclub. Unfortunately, they are so busy overseeing suspiciously inept repairmen that they pay little attention to the local legend of a treasure hidden somewhere on the estate.

When a severe storm develops forcing an unusual assortment of guests to stay the night, along with the questionable workers, it doesn’t take a genius to guess a murder will take place.

With no help forthcoming, the hapless owners take it on themselves to find out “whodunit.” They’re bumbling incompetence brings about a chain of unexpected events that climaxes in a hilarious ending.

The 15-member cast also includes Rhett (Caleb Robertson), Washington Cloth (Hank Hatton), Leslie Barter (Hannah Good), Suzette LeCrepe (Shayne Mazur), Burton Belcher (Jacob Gifford), Buzzy (Sabrina Taylor), Hazel Knutley (Jazmyne Collingwood), Helen Bennet (Joslyn Alonzo), Chip Porcellini (Keegan Jenness), Donna Sylves (Margaretha Tinglund), Sally Mander (Serenity Kinswoman), Gerry Mander (Katie Bame) and Carmen Parker (Lynae McBride).

Working behind the stage will be the four-man crew of Meg Taylor, Diamond Bolton, Anne McBride and Justin Bacus.

Michael Jaycox is directing the young thespians.