Boysen discharge increase heightens flood concerns

by nathan oster

Greybull’s emergency management director told the town council Monday night that he’s continuing to monitor the level of the Big Horn River and that the new few days would be critical ones in determining whether there is going to be a flooding problem in the community.

“It all depends on Mother Nature,” said Rodney Ross.

Last week, the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation announced that the water level would be rising approximately 2.5 feet, in the process filling the reservoir’s flood pool and flooding some of the reservable campsites in Boysen State Park.

On Monday came word, from Ross, that discharge from Boysen has been on the upswing.

Last week it was around 5,500 cubic feet per second.

After a meeting on Friday, the decision was made to up the discharge to 6,500 cfs — with 500 of the additional cfs getting released Saturday night and the remaining 500 cfs getting released on Sunday night.

“The first 500 got here and almost wasn’t noticeable — mainly because of the drops that had occurred in the Greybull and Nowood rivers,” said Ross. “Now they are releasing another 1,000 feet today.”

As of 11 a.m. Tuesday, the discharge from Boysen had risen to 7,380 cfs, according to data on the USGS website.

“There are a lot of variables,” said Ross. “Hopefully with the warmer weather, farmers will start pulling more water out of the rivers and into the canals. And hopefully by pulling some of that water out, it’ll mitigate the 7,500 cfs coming out of Boysen. But there’s another storm expected to come in on Thursday. If it rains a lot, who knows? Right now, though, it doesn’t look too bad.”

Ross said Boysen released the same amount of water in 2010 and Greybull didn’t experience a flooding problem.

In town, Ross said the river has been hovering around 89 feet in recent days. When it gets to 92, it becomes a bigger concern, he said.






Shell has sand bags, trailer with sand..

Hyatt same setup.

Manderson did the prefil of sandbags, bunch left over frm last time


Waiting to see between them dumping boysen at the flows, and temps turning off into 90s, and the rest of the snowmelt, just waiting to see…


Minor flas fooding at med lodge arch side

Along nowood some low lying areas that always flood no one worries about it

Damage to homes, haven’t heard of any …


They upped to 6500 to 7500 yesterday and last night, not gonna bother us too bad.

Weather service tole them anywyere to 10500 to 11500 coming into boysen, and having to raise the gates more to have to dump more…


Greybull thru mcfaddens…

We’re watching to make sure…