Cost of outdoor pool: $1.1 million

by nathan oster

Interstate Engineers has provided a report to the town, suggesting that it could build a seven lane, rectangular pool on the lot adjacent to the Herb Asp Community Center for approximately $1.1 million.

“That is, give or take 10 to 15 percent in either direction,” said Councilman Marvin Hunt, who outlined the findings of the report and a preliminary sketch of the pool and an attached bathhouse during Monday night’s meeting of the Greybull Town Council.

The dimensions of the pool would be 45 feet by 75 feet, with a diving board. Depths would range from 3 to 10 feet. The pool site would be fenced and have a minimum of a 10-foot concrete deck. And the long dimension of the pool was designed to be oriented east and west.

The study further outlined two different construction options for the pool tank — one with stainless steel sidewalls, the other with concrete sidewalls. It offered no recommendation, stating that each had its pros and cons, but urged the town to consider an alternate bid process where it could decide down the road which one is more cost effective.

The $1.1 million figure includes $319,000 for bathhouse construction components and $594,000 for swimming pool components.

Hunt told the council that grant money could be used to offset some of those up-front costs.

He said Leah Bruscino, Northwest Regional Director for the Wyoming Business Council, told him there is a business-ready grant pool of $500,000 that could be used to build the pool, but to apply and receive any of that funding, the town would have to prove a) that it has a way to pay operation and maintenance costs after it’s built; and b) that the pool would either retain or attract businesses to the community.

“She said it could go either way, if we could prove those things,” said Hunt.

The council agreed to invite Bruscino to a future meeting for a more in-depth discussion about grant possibilities.