HATS VII another success

by marlys good

“It took us seven years, but hopefully we have it down,” said HATS board member Scott Good on this year’s event. “It was the smoothest one we’ve ever had, from start to finish.”

As of Monday, final numbers were not available, but HATS officials said the total donations “are somewhere north of $60,000.”

Good said HATS VII drew more “first timers” than it has in the past several years, but kept the “old-timers” who have yet to miss an event. He hopes these trends continue.

Prior to the live auction, guest artist Gary Morris, took the stage to sing, “Wind Beneath My Wings,” and followed that with a testimonial to HATS. Morris said his first appearance at HATS came about because he got a call from friend Wilford Brimley, the only person he knew in, and his only connection to, Greybull.

But on discovering what HATS does in the Big Horn Basin, Morris said that in all the charities he has ever dealt with, any he’s ever come across, “This one is the only one that does not pay any administrative fees. Every dollar raised goes to where it is intended.” Morris said he will continue to support HATS and has offered to help locate/contact guest entertainers, willing to donate their performances. “My list (of friends in Greybull) has expanded,” he said after the event was over.

Morris’ performance was a hit. His choice of songs was well received and he got a standing ovation at its conclusion.

Before the tables were cleared, plans for HATS VIII were already being discussed.

Good said, “We’ve had nothing but positive comments, but if any of those attending have any feedback, any suggestions, feel free to let us know.”