‘Hello, Dolly!” on GHS stage Nov. 19-21

by marlys good

When it came time to select a play for the 2015 fall musical, “Hello, Dolly!” there was no hesitation on the part of Director Michael Jaycox, Greybull Elementary School music teacher. “It is one I love,” he said.

“Em (Wilson) and I talked about it for a while, but this show is a little more mature of a show and we felt we needed a more mature cast.

“After last year’s hit, “The Sound of Music,” and the number of community members involved with that, we had several come back this year for this show.”

Because the majority of the lead roles were assigned to community members, “It made for an all-new production. In the past the leads have primarily been played by high school students. Because we have more experienced community members in the lead roles this year, rehearsals have been so different. Lines have been learned incredibly fast and we were able to work on ‘acting’ sooner; that has not been the case in years past.”

For instance, the title character, Dolly Gallagher Levi, is portrayed by Wende Jenness; and Jais Tinglund is cast as the “half-billionaire,” Horace Vandergelder, on whom Dolly has set her sights.

Add to that the rapport between community members, GHS students, and some GMS students, “The cast is having a great time; we’re further ahead and more prepared than any other year as long as I have been here,” Jaycox added.

“The music is another reason I liked this show. ‘Put on Your Sunday Clothes,’ ‘Hello, Dolly!’ and ‘Dancing’ are some of the most fun songs I have worked on.”

Plus, he said, “This show is also incredibly special to me because I get to be a part of the show in a different way – I’m one of the characters. I have never been on stage before, but I absolutely love it, especially working with Seth (Hoblit). He and I have such great chemistry on stage that we can read each other’s minds to pull of a great, hilarious scene.”

The scene that comes to mind is when Cornelius (Jaycox) and Barnaby (Hoblit) meet Irene Molloy (Misty Wollam) and Minnie Fay (Aftin DeRosa) in the hat shop. When their boss, Vandergelder, comes in to visit with Irene, Barnaby and Cornelius have to hide because they took the day off without his permission. “It’s hilarious,” he said.

In the end, Dolly not only gets her man, she makes him glad she caught him. She also successfully matches up Cornelius and the widow Molloy, and Minnie Fay to Cornelius’s assistant, Barnaby.

As Dolly leaves the stage at the end of Act II, it’s “with a wink to the audience as she takes a peep into Vandergelder’s bulging cash register, and promises that his fortune will soon be put to good use.”

Tickets are on sale at the GHS office or at the door.

It should be an evening of laughter, good music, and catching the spirit of the camaraderie between the characters on stage.

The curtain goes up at 7 p.m. for all three performances, Thursday through Saturday, Nov. 19-21.