Pool survey going out this week

by nathan oster

A public opinion survey went in the mail Tuesday to every registered household in Big Horn County School District No. 3, asking them to weigh in on a proposal to build an outdoor swimming pool on the vacant lot adjacent to the Herb Asp Community Center.

The Greybull Town Council ordered the survey to determine if it should proceed with the placement of a $1.34 million, 10-year bond issue on the ballot later this year — either in a special election in May or in conjunction with the August primary or November general elections.

According to figures provided by the town, the project includes a six-lane swimming pool measuring 45 feet by 75 feet, a diving board, concrete deck around the pool, ADA lift and a thermal blanket/reel system. Depth would transition from 3 feet 6 inches to 12 feet.

A bathhouse with restrooms, changing rooms and a mechanical room is also included.

With a facility of this type, the type of programming envisioned include swimming lessons, water aerobics, lap swim, canoeing lessons, kayaking lessons, free swim times, private rehabilitation appointments and more.

A lifeguard would be on duty during hours of operation.

The proposed financial arrangement would have the school district issuing the bonds and levy the mill levy to pay the debt service and for the town to own, operate and maintain the swimming pool.

For every $100,000 of a home’s value, the estimated monthly impact of a $1.34 million, 10-year bond would be $1.02 — or about $12.22 per year.

To pay for the operation, the town would charge a $1 daily use fee. Season passes and punch cards would also be available, reducing the average cost per visit. Hotel and business packages would also be available.



The survey itself consists of 13 questions and includes no mention of a Big Horn County School District No. 3 proposal to construct a strength and conditioning addition onto the north side of the Buff Gym.

The first two questions query residents about what they know about the project and what their initial reaction was upon learning about it. From there the survey goes into the validity of arguments for and against the swimming pool bond proposal, the anticipated tax impact, whether they currently support or oppose the project, and concerns and questions about the measure.

The survey ends by asking residents to provide demographic information as well as whether they intend to vote in either the August primary election or the November general election.

The town is asking for surveys to be returned by Monday, Feb. 1.