Averett goes from employee, to boss

by marlys good

James Averett has been working as a mechanic at A&C Motors in Greybull for seven years. He jumped from being employee to boss effective Jan. 8, when he and wife Kelly purchased the business from Andy and Tracy Dowling.

“It’s something I’ve been wanting to do, thinking about, for quite a while. It’s a big step, but I kind of fell into this one and it turned out good,” he said.

Going from employee to boss was not that big a step because James had been running the business by himself for some time. “Nothing has really changed much now that I’m the boss; well, I guess Kelly is really the boss,” he said with a laugh, “She’ll write the checks – but she hasn’t got to do that yet,” he said with another chuckle.

James has years of experience in mechanics. “I tore my first engine apart when I was eight years old. Of course I couldn’t put it back together,” he admitted. “That took quite a while.” Everything he’s learned has been through 30 years of “hard knocks.”

A true family business, Kelly will do the bookwork, James, the mechanic work, and son Arlo, a GHS junior, will be helping out. “He works summers, does oil changes, etc. I’d eventually like to put on a couple more people, but right now I’m running it by myself.”

The Averetts are putting in an alignment machine, but plan no other big changes.

He’s said going from employee to boss has not been a big change, “But I think, owing it, I feel more pressure. But it is more relaxing because you know it is yours; the work you are doing is for yourself. It is more relaxing.”

Business is good. “We have three bays and they are all full now. When people bring things I try to get it done when I say I will.”

His motto? He laughs, “Bring it in, I can fix it; if it ain’t broke, I can’t fix it.”