Frisbee golf course expands across river

By jaycie cheatham

The executive director of The SHACK is inviting the community to check out its new Frisbee golf course. David Bottom said the course is located on the west side of the Big Horn River going south of the bridge and is currently a nine-hole course with hopes of growing.

“Folf, as it is known by those who play regularly, is a great family sport without a lot of cost,” said Bottom. “It’s a great outdoor addition to a community that gives something to do for not only community members of all ages but out-of-town guests and tourists as well.  All small towns struggle with providing things to do.  This is a relatively low cost option.”

The SHACK has provided the only public Frisbee golf courses in the Big Horn Basin, with a three-basket mini-course in the city park for beginners, a course that begins and ends in the East Bridge Landing park, and the beginning of a course going south of the bridge.  There are plans to put in a course north of the bridge as well that Bottom hopes can even be a master’s (tournament quality) course.

“This would be the main one that could be for professionals.  There is even the possibility of putting a course in west of the ball fields.”

Many have helped with the installation and maintenance of the new and existing courses including The SHACK board, the Greybull Town Council, and public works department. The Disc Golf Association and the Billings Disc Golf Club have also helped in the design process and in answering all of Bottom’s questions.

“So, as you can see, like most things, this has not been a one-man show.  We’ve had over 250 hours of time and some $2,500 donated to make this dream a reality. Thank you to all!”

For an opportunity to help sponsor the SHACK and the new Frisbee golf course, contact David Bottom through the SHACK’s website,; Facebook page, or by phone at 765-2190.

“For about $2,700 we can put in a good quality course that will be another opportunity ‘for something to do’ in our community using land that will showcase the beauty of our area that otherwise is not very usable.”