WBC recommends funding for Greybull business park

by nathan oster

A $900,000 grant that will allow the Town of Greybull to proceed with the paving of streets in its new business park was among the $7.6 million in Business Ready Community grants and loans recommended for approval by the Wyoming Business Council Board of Directors.

The State Loan and Investment Board will act on the board’s recommendation on June 16.

The town had been seeking an award of $1.26 million in BRC Community Readiness grant funds.

“We knew it was a long shot to get full funding,” said Administrator/Finance Director Paul Thur, “So we mentioned in our application our willingness to phase the project and proceed with partial funding.

“We will regroup on the sewer improvements.”

The town has completed the planning and zoning of the 15-lot, 28.29-acre business park and is varying stages of finalizing the sale of 11 of the 15 lots to businesses in the Big Horn Basin that intend to expand.

Through those expansions, the businesses hope to add seven to 10 new jobs to the community within the next three years.

According to the town’s grant application, the total cost of upgrading the sewer line and paving the streets is $1.51 million. In seeking $1.26 million, the town was going to put up $64,205 in cash plus $186,195 in-kind as previous improvements to the business park (design, basic road grading, gas, conduit and sewer main installation).

The WBC’s board of directors followed the recommendation of its staff to award $900,000 to the town. Greybull’s required match will be $135,000. The paving “was identified by (the town) as a higher priority than the sewer improvements,” according to the WBC staff recommendation. “In the future, when the sewer improvements are constructed, they will be placed on the south side of the road in the right-of-way.

“Conduits will be installed crossing under the road to the north side at the time of paving so that utilities can be installed under the road at a later date without disturbing the roadwork.”


About the WBC

The Wyoming Business Council administers the Business Ready Community grant and loan program, which provides financing for publicly owned infrastructure that serves the needs of businesses and promotes economic development within Wyoming communities.

The Business Council board is required by statute to forward BRC grant and loan recommendations to the SLIB for final approval. The SLIB is comprised of the five statewide elected officials: the governor, secretary of state, state auditor, state treasurer and state superintendent of public instruction.

The WBC board recommended $7.6 million in Business Ready Community grants and loans at its May 26 meeting in Rock Springs. In addition to the Town of Greybull, the WBC board is recommending:

  • $2.685 million grant and $209,250 loan to the City of Laramie for a 12,150 square foot building to house vertical hydroponics manufacturer Bright Agrotech.
  • $1.538 million grant and $226,000 loan from Alpine to purchase 35 acres from the Wyoming Game and Fish Department and extend and upgrade an existing road and 8-inch water main.
  • $1.5 million grant and $500,000 loan to the Jackson Hole Airport Board to construct a pipeline and related improvements to convey wastewater from the airport to the town’s wastewater treatment facility.
  • $12,657 in funding for the expansion of the Cowley Community Center.