Fireworks goal met — and exceeded

by nathan oster

Local businesses and residents went above and beyond in their support for this year’s Fourth of July fireworks show in Greybull.

Mayor Myles Foley, who had set $8,600 as the goal of his fundraising campaign, said more than $11,200 was collected, giving organizers a nice pot of seed money for next year’s fireworks show.

An estimated 500 people spent their Fourth in the Greybull park, drawn not only by the lure of the fireworks which capped the night but also by the music of The Rewinders, offerings of food and drink and various children’s games including the popular Knockerball.

“It was heartwarming to see the community come together,” said Foley. “We’re going to do the same thing next year — except I think we’ll do simpler food so it’s more affordable for everyone.”

A lot of people came together to make the event a success, said Foley.

Mike and Andrea Laird, overseers of the Brendon Laird Memorial, paid for the band.

Foley’s Historic Hotel Greybull joined with CC’s Pizza owner Carla Scharen and Todd Dalin to put on the dinner. The proceeds that remained after expenses — $795, according to Foley — were donated to the Greybull Needs a Pool PAC.

Foley also credited the Haleys — John, Quinton and Dale — for a great fireworks show.

The Haleys also did a raffle for a rifle that brought in another $1,441, according to the mayor, adding that it was part of the $11,200 total take.

“I just want to thank everyone who made it possible — including the businesses that stepped up and all the donors who put money in the buckets,” he said.

Among the largest donors were Paul Murdoch, the Greybull KOA and an “anonymous donor,” each of whom gave $500, as well as $250-or-more contributors Shopko, Blair’s, Big Horn Federal, the Bank of Greybull, Security State Bank and Hay Busters.