Vagabond dog rescued from ice jam finds foster home

A wayward dog stranded in the ice jam at the north end of Greybull was rescued last Wednesday. Mike Ledford, braving the elements, waded into the ice-filled water to pull the dog to safety.
Amber Vigil, her three children and Vigil’s dad, Ed Craft, were observing the ice jam on the north end of town when they heard cries from a grove of trees near the river. Having arrived to look at the ice jam around the same time, Ledford volunteered to go down into the water and rescue the dog.
The elusive critter, believed to be an American Eskimo dog, has been seen numerous times wandering the area north of town by the river. Countless efforts have been made to capture the dog in hopes of finding its owner. Doug Youngerman, Greybull’s Animal Control officer said he has had reports for over a year regarding the dog.
After the rescue last Wednesday Craft, Vigil and her children took the dog to Saam Veterinary Clinic in Basin to be checked out. The staff at the clinic was ready for their arrival. Shivering, frightened and filthy the dog was cared for with warmed towels, blankets and water bottles. Her neck was shaved to remove her collar and information on her tags helped connect the dots on her origin. She is a breeding dog, the product of a puppy mill located in Colorado. She was later adopted by someone living in the Greybull area. The dog escaped its home over a year ago and has been on the lam since.
The dog stayed at the home of Ed and Julie Craft of Greybull until Saturday. She is now safe and in foster care coordinated by Three Dogs Rescue from Cody.