Enrollment at 482 to start school year

by nathan oster

Enrollment is down for the second consecutive year in Big Horn County School District No. 3.

Since opening with 533 students at the start of the 2015-16 term, the district’s opening day enrollment tumbled to 499 last year, and by another 17 this year to 482, a number provided by administrators this week.

Supt. Barry Bryant acknowledged that 482 “is low for us.” Heading into the school year, he was predicting a slight increase. But since then, “A few families moved. We should see a little uptick over the next few weeks, but I don’t think we will make it over 500.”

Greybull Elementary opened the year with 206 students. Forty-eight of those students are in either kindergarten or junior kindergarten. There are 36 students in the first grade, 29 in the second, 30 in the third, 33 in the fourth and 30 in the fifth. With 19 students apiece, Mrs. King and Mrs. Bowe have the largest classes in the building.

The enrollment at GMS is 117, with an equal number of 39 across the board in sixth, seventh and eighth grades.

GHS, meanwhile, has seen a big drop, largely due to the difference between a larger-than usual senior class last year and a smaller-than-usual class of incoming freshmen this year. In the fall of 2015, the building had a record 199 students. This fall, there are 157, which includes 32 freshmen, 37 sophomores, 46 juniors and 42 seniors.