County attorney resigns

by nathan oster

Big Horn County and Prosecuting Attorney Kim Adams will be leaving her post on June 1, a little more than seven months before her first term in office is scheduled to end.

The county commissioners on Tuesday accepted her letter of resignation.

In it, she cited no reason.

By state statute, the Big Horn County Republican Party will now be asked to nominate up to three candidates to replace her. The county commissioners will then appoint one of them to serve through Jan. 7, 2019, when the next county attorney is sworn into office.

In a letter to Janice Wantulok, head of the Big Horn County Republican Party, BHC Commission Chairman Felix Carrizales requested the names of the nominatees and their application packets by no later than June 15.

Carrizales said he expects the commission to fill the seat prior to June 30.



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  1. I hereby announce my candidacy for the County Attorney’s Office. Details will follow in due course.

    Philip Abromats
    Attorney at Law

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