Livestock sale sets a record

by nathan oster

Fewer animals went to market, but those that did brought top dollar in this year’s Big Horn County Fair junior livestock sale.

Not counting add-ons, buyers spent $239,948 in this year’s sale, an 18-percent increase from last year’s sale total of $203,373.  It will also go down as the best sale in recent memory, topping even the 2015 sale in which livestock producers fetched $237,131.

Making this year’s sale even more impressive is the fact that the $239,948 was spent on 135 animals.  In the 2017 sale, 171 animals were sold.  In 2016, $201,069 was spent on 181 animals.

Buyers this year purchased 56 hogs, 38 lambs, 25 beef, 13 goats and three rabbits during the course of the sale, which was held Friday night at the fairgrounds.

Average prices were up across the board.

The average beef price was $3.40 per pound. The top sale in the category was a steer belonging to Sterling Foss that brought $5.50 per pound.  Copper Mountain Irrigation was the purchaser.

For hogs, the average price was $4.86 per pound.  The top two hogs, belonging to Larissa Tippetts and Reaghan Foss, each brought $8 per pound.  Lone Ranger & B Diamond Halters bought the Foss hog and Paxton Farms, Laird Sanitation, Haley Concessions and U Rock Concrete bought the Tippetts hog.

In the lambs, the average price was $8.86 per pound and Miller’s Fabrication had the top purchase, dropping $15 per pound for a lamb owned by Rocco Rael.

The 13 goats that sold brought an average of $10.87 per pound.  Curtis Miller’s sheep brought $16 per pound; Woodward Tractor was the purchaser.

The average sale price in the goats was $316.67.  Charlee Welling’s goat was purchased for $450 by Workman Construction.