County moves forward on Prevention Assessment

The Big Horn County commissioners voted during their Oct. 2 meeting to contract with Karen Sylvester to perform a prevention needs assessment for the county.

The Wyoming Department of Health (WDH) requires the assessment before a grant can be given to BHC for funding for Substance Abuse Prevention Program, Tobacco Prevention and Control Program (including drug abuse and illegal drug use), and Injury and Violence Prevention Program (aka Suicide Prevention).

In addition to the assessment, Sylvester will be working with the Big Horn County Prevention Alliance in facilitating the development of Big Horn County’s work plan with an associated budget and planned activities timeline and approval of such plan from the WDH.

Sylvester is a former resident of Greybull.

Willie Bridges gave a department report for engineering and road and bridge. The commission received a complaint letter about their decision to remove a cattle guard on Road 18. There was an extended and lively discussion among the commissioners prior to them voting to reconsider  the decision to remove the cattle guard.

Commissioner John Hyde said the decision had been made and he didn’t feel the commission should second-guess its decision by opting to listen to one landowner. He noted that the safety issues were still going to be an issue if the county reverses its decision.

Commissioner Deb Craft said she doesn’t mind giving everyone the opportunity to give his or her opinion.

In the case of this cattle guard, the landowner lives out of state and may not have known about the discussion.

Commission Chair Felix Carrizales stated that as a commissioner he is learning that every situation is different and that the commission should take more time to make decisions and ensure that all sides are heard.

Hyde said he would go along with the decision but revaluating every decision based on one complaint was “going down a bad road.”

Bridges said there are not many places in the county where there are cattle guards that allow livestock access to water. The expectation of a normal driver in the mountains, badlands, etc., is that there may be animals on the road. In a more populated area such as Road 18, drivers aren’t expecting animals.

The commission approved a request by Bob Paxton to bore under Orchard Bench Road to place a pipe. The commissioners and Bridges discussed the option of allowing the road to be dug up to put the pipe in. The cost to bore is much greater than cutting the road.

Bridges expressed his concern about the cost to the county to re-patch the cut frequently because the soundness of the road is no longer the same once it has been cut. The county policy states that if boring is feasible, no cutting is allowed.

•County Planner Angela Parker gave an update to the commissioners regarding simple sub-divisions, the draft of the road and address management policy and the census. She also presented a copy of the Planning and Zoning minutes from the Aug. 23 meeting.

•Outgoing Airport Manager Carl Meyer’s report discussed the need to file for a grant for the annual NAVAID reimbursement. He noted that the organizer of the Cloud Peak Drag Races gave a check to the county for $1,400 for the lease of the runway for the 2018 races. Meyer said that the revenue for the four days of racing was about equal to the income the airport receives for yearly rent for four of the hangers. Greybull Administrator/Finance Director Paul Thur was also in attendance at the commissioner meeting. He presented the commission with the annual dollar amount the county was responsible for on the loan the town took out for the water line that was built to service the airport and the homes west of it.

•Wes Huber was hired as the county airport manager to replace the retiring Carl Meyer.