First concrete pour completed for pool

by nathan oster

It’s been awhile since supporters of the swimming pool have felt momentum at their backs, so a little joy was justifiable Thursday when concrete was poured for the floor of the new outdoor swimming pool being built next to the Herb Asp Community Center.

“Instead of prepping for it, now it feels like we are actually building it,” said Marvin Hunt, who has spearheaded the project for the Greybull Town Council and Greybull Needs a Pool committee.

It’s been a long, challenging road for Hunt and other pool supporters.  It began March 16, 2010 when Roger Clark, the superintendent of schools at the time, closed the 1970s-era indoor pool next to the football field due to concerns about its structural condition, and included three setbacks at the ballot box, as two proposals to build an indoor pool failed in 2012, just as a proposal to build an outdoor pool failed in 2016.

Greybull has been without a pool of any kind for more than 5 1/2 years, since the plug was pulled on the old one April 5, 2013.

It won’t be much longer, however.

Hunt said he, too, viewed the pouring of the concrete as a significant milestone in project. Before that happened, “literally tons” of rebar had to be placed. “There’s a piece every 6 inches, north and south, east and west, twice,” he said.

When the day to pour concrete arrived, crews from A.W. Hunt Construction took the lead and were joined on site by Tim Kershner and a couple of his guys as well as a handful of others with experience in that type of work.

Several local businesses provided food and drinks for the workers.

“We got the floor poured in one shot, which is something that had to happen,” said Hunt.

Rebar for the walls of the pool is being installed this week.  Hunt said the concrete work will follow, moving from the walls to the gutter system.  “After that I’m not sure,” he said. “It could be that we start working on the foundations and retaining walls because we still have some dirt work to do where the bathhouse is going to be located.”