Pool construction nearing finish line

by nathan oster

“When is the pool going to open?

If it isn’t the most commonly asked question in town already, it is very likely to be in the days ahead now that school’s out and temps are finally creeping into the 90s after an unusually wet and cool spring in the Greybull area.

Councilman Marvin Hunt, the point man on the pool project, doesn’t have an answer.  Not yet, anyway.  “In the next three weeks or so, it’s going to start looking pretty done, but we’ve got a lot of ‘smalls’ to get done,” he said, referring to finishing tasks like painting, hanging doors, installing windows, grinding and painting.  “We still have a lot of work to do.”

Hunt said he knew going in that it would be a big mountain to climb, particularly the way the town is doing it with such a heavy reliance on volunteers.  It has been every bit the challenge that he envisioned, but visual progress has come quickly in recent days. The construction of the bathhouse on the eastern side of the lot accelerated as workers began installing the bricks that will form the facility’s exterior walls. That phase is expected to take about two weeks.  When that’s done, the trusses will be added, followed by the roof and indoor cabinetry.

Another focus in recent days has been the concrete retaining wall, which is needed on the north and east sides of the pool lot.  Because there is adequate space to the south and west, an earthen berm is sufficient on those two sides, said Hunt.

Hunt conceded that by the time the pool’s ready to open, there might not be much left of the summer.  “But considering we didn’t even start pouring concrete until the end of November, I think it’s coming along pretty quickly,” he said.  “Even when some were saying the pool would be open the first part of the summer, I didn’t think that was very realistic. I still think we’re doing all right.”

Paul Thur, the town administrator/finance director, said the staff is in place and will be ready to go when the pool is finished. The town has hired Codi Welsh and Madison Moody to manage it.  Seven lifeguards have been hired.  Thur said half were scheduled to complete their training earlier this week. The others will do so in July.

From a financial standpoint, Thur said that heading into May, the town had spent $350,000 this fiscal year on the pool while getting $75,000 in in-kind contributions along with another $195,000 in grant money.

If you’d like to help finish the pool, there will be opportunities in the weeks ahead, particularly in the areas of grinding, sanding and painting.  Contact Hunt at 272-9419 if you’d like to add your name to the volunteer list.


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