Jan. 16, 2020 Issue

In this week’s issue of the Standard, now on newsstands and available electronically:

• The Shell Hall Board has issued an invitation to the community to attend Saturday’s annual meeting, where the major topic of conversation will be some considerable structural and drainage issues facing the building. Start time is 5:45. A free chili feed precedes it at 5.

• Greybull Town Council members continue to review the town’s dog ordinance. This week, a ban on pit bulls generated considerable discussion.

• Rep. Jamie Flitner and Sen. RJ Kost talked about the challenges facing lawmakers at a town hall meeting Monday night.

• In sports, we recap the basketball teams’ recent sweep of Burlington and set the stage for this weekend’s Big Horn Basin Hoops Classic.


  1. A group of citizens, along with a few people who have helped educate in other places as to why breed specific bans are not the answer, have formed a group of people who will be presenting evidence as to why no breed bans should be in the ordinances. We look forward to more members joining us and to a good discussion.


  2. 1,000 Americans are killed every year by Police Officers. So, according to your data, a person is 10 times more likely to be killed by the police, than by a dog. So, The Police need to Patrol without being armed. The British Police patrol without firearms, so it can be done.

    63,000 American citizens have been killed since the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks, by immigrants in the U.S. illegally. So, 3,315 Americans a year are killed by illegal immigrants. Greybull Law Enforcement, Mayor and City Council, you need to visit every single domicile in the Greybull City Limits, and conduct citizenship screening (unarmed of course, to mitigate killing). (Do it, but do not tip off the Farmers & Ranchers, who get over by bringing in this scourge to our city to work their fields).

    Pit Bull Hero Stories:
    When the Daniels family adopted Ember (Pit Bull) from a rescue organization, they had no idea that she would become so attached to her human brother, Tre. She loved her 10-year-old boy and slept at the foot of his bed every night.
    But one evening, Tre’s mother woke to Ember making an odd sound. She had left her comfy place in Tre’s bed and was pacing.
    Mrs. Daniels knew something must be wrong, so she followed Ember. The pup led her to the bathroom where Tre’s feet were hanging outside of the bathtub. Tre had suffered a seizure and fell back into the tub.
    Thanks to Ember’s quick action, Tre was rushed to the hospital and got the medical attention he needed. When he got back home, Ember refused to leave his side.

    More Pit Bull Heroes:
    On a dark night, a train engineer noticed something on the tracks ahead of him. A Pit Bull was frantically trying to drag a person off of the tracks.
    The engineer slammed on the brakes, but he couldn’t stop in time. While Christine Spain got away unharmed, the dog who had saved her life, Lilly, was hit by the train.
    Spain’s son had rescued Lilly and given the pup to his mother in hopes that it would help her cope with alcoholism. But on the night of the accident, Spain passed out on the tracks on her way home.
    Lilly suffered massive injuries, but stayed by her owner’s side until help arrived. The pup underwent major surgeries and lost one of her legs, but she eventually recovered.
    Her love and loyalty for her owner came before her own safety, like a true hero.

    Are pit bulls naturally aggressive?
    According to the American Temperament Test Society, pit bulls have a temperament passing rate of 86.7%. This is lower than dogs such as the beagle, Border collie, and Chihuahua. A lack of discipline or training could make any dog, including the pit bull, dangerous, though.

    What is the number one reason pit bulls bite?
    Just like any other breed, pit bulls that bite do so out of lack of training and socialization. This is more of an owner error than a dangerous dog issue. In fact, according to the American Veterinary Medical Association, it is not within a pit bull’s inherent characteristics to bite humans.

    If Greybull weren’t so backwards, the above facts may help them realize just how stupid their argument justifying a Pit Bull ban truly is. What is next Greybull, “WHITES ONLY” signs hung up in the windows of your businesses?

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