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Downtown work to begin April 23

by nathan oster

While some aspects of the timeline have yet to be finalized, Wyoming Department of Transportation officials told downtown Greybull business owners last week that work on the street project is scheduled to begin on Monday, April 23.

“Get in and get out, that’s the intent,” said Keith Compton, a district construction engineer for WYDOT, during an open house at the Greybull Area Chamber of Commerce office.

Compton was one of several WYDOT officials who attended the hearing along with approximately 20 downtown business owners and town officials.

The other WYDOT officials in attendance included District Engineer Shelby Carlson, Public Involvement Specialist Cody Beers, Resident Engineer Ben Steed, and Paul Koenig, who will serve as WYDOT’s point man at the construction site.

S&S Builders of Gillette was awarded the $1.2 million contract to make the improvements, which include the elimination of a single westbound lane of Greybull Avenue between Fifth and Sixth streets, bump-outs at the two key downtown intersections and sidewalks and lighting on both Greybull Avenue and Sixth Street.

By contract, S&S has until Aug. 31, 2012, to complete the work, but WYDOT officials who spoke Thursday indicated that the work would likely be done long before that, as long as the weather permits. The contractor must reach substantial completion by the end of July.

Steed told business owners that the contractor will focus first on the two corners (directly in front of the Historic Hotel Greybull and the Bank of Greybull) located on the west side of the stoplight.

The project will proceed from there in an easterly direction, and Steed emphasized that the focus of this project is the sidewalks, and not the pavement. He assured business owners, however, that the contractor would be required to maintain some form of pedestrian access to the front doors of all downtown businesses throughout the project.  The contractor also must maintain two-way traffic on Greybull Avenue and Sixth Street, said Steed.

WYDOT officials said the contractor hopes to be done with the lion’s share of the work on Greybull Avenue by around June 18.  The contractor has agreed to shut down construction activities during the Days of ’49 celebration, which runs from June 7-9. The street will be open and cleaned up for that event, said WYDOT officials.

“The contractor will be getting in, making a little mess and getting out of here as quickly as possible so you guys can get back to life as normal,” said Beers.

During the meeting, it was announced that the contractor and WYDOT officials plan to hold weekly status meetings in the conference room of the chamber office. Those meetings will be held on Thursdays at 10 a.m., starting April 26.

Beers also told business owners that communication is paramount to WYDOT. He said the highway department will be erecting signs and running radio and newspaper advertisements emphasizing that downtown businesses are open during the construction project. There will also be communication about which business’s back doors will be accessible.

“This contractor has done a lot of work in urban areas, and their superintendent, in particular, is very adept at working with the public,” Beers said. “He will be working with you folks on a daily basis to minimize impacts.”

In two related notes, WYDOT officials said the new parking lot at the corner of First Avenue North and Sixth Street isn’t expected to be completed until early to mid June, at the earliest, and that WYDOT does intend this summer to permanently fix the “slide area” in the Big Horn Mountains that closed U.S. Highway 14 for several weeks in 2011.

Driver’s education back in business

by nathan oster

Greybull High School’s driver’s education program appears to be on the road again.

With a big assist from the town, which agreed last month to pay for the teacher’s stipend, the Big Horn County School District No. 3 board of trustees on Tuesday night agreed to begin advertising for a driver’s education instructor.

As part of the same motion, the board also agreed to begin working toward an acceptable Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between the school district and the town regarding the funding of the program.

In the past, GHS has offered driver’s education in the summer for up to 12 students for $100 per student.  The teacher who did it last summer, Mr. Jensen, is no longer with the district, and until now, the challenge has been finding a certified instructor (or at least, one willing to get certified) to lead the class.

The board followed GHS Principal Barry Bryant’s recommendation to not pay the certification costs, if the teacher who is hired is not already certified to teach driver’s education.  “I don’t think it’s right for us to have to pay for their endorsement … and pay them to teach,” he said.


Personnel moves

The board made several personnel moves.

The resignation of Kris McNay, a paraprofessional at Greybull Middle School, was accepted.

On the hiring side, the board filled several teaching slots for the 2012-13 school year.

The list of new hires included:

• Michael Jaycox, who will take over next year as the middle school and high school music teacher, replacing David Nighswonger, who resigned.  Jaycox is currently a student teacher in the Buffalo school district.

• Julie Oster, who was hired as a special education teacher at Greybull High School, where she recently completed her student teaching.  The position is a new one, created last month by the board

• Kallie Young and Nathaniel Boyer, who will move into elementary teaching vacancies.

• Justin R. Bernhardt, who will take over for Josh Heinemeyer as the head coach of the GHS football team. Berhnardt was an assistant coach at Rocky Mountain College and has held two different high school head coaching positions, most recently in Nebraska.


Other news

In other business:

• The board awarded the bid for the district central office firewall project to Diamond Point Construction, located in Buffalo.  Diamond Point had the low bid, $250,000, considerably lower than the district engineer’s estimate.

The project will address safety, with a firewall going in to separate the bus barn from the office space area; the ADA compliance of the restroom; heating and ventilation, and enhance the building’s usefulness with upgrades to the lift and storage area.

• The board recognized the home-school registrations of Theodore (8), Thomas (10) and Jordan (15) Knight.

• The board moved to follow the recommendation of GHS Principal Barry Bryant with respect to the fate of a 16-year-old boy who was found to be in possession of a hunting rifle on school grounds.  The rifle was found during a random search of school campuses led by local police.

School policy sets the penalty for such an offense as a one-year expulsion from school, but the board went along with Bryant’s suggestion to suspend the boy only through the end of the current school year.

Until then, the school district will make arrangements for the boy to continue to receive his class assignments.  The boy must stay off school grounds, but will be permitted to use the pool under a special condition allowed by the school board.

GMS thinclads host Easter Bunny Classic

by nathan oster

Greybull Middle School on Thursday hosted the Easter Bunny Classic, a meet that attracted teams from Lovell, Powell, Cloud Peak to the Greybull track and field complex.

No team scores were kept, but several GMS athletes claimed multiple wins, including sixth graders Riley Hill and Miguel Gomez, who each won twice, and eighth grader Luis Burgos, who took first place in four different events.

The meet was an abbreviated one.  No hurdle, long-distance or relay events were on the schedule.

GMS is scheduled to return to action April 20 with split squads heading to meets in Burlington and Cowley starting at 1 p.m.



BOYS 100 METERS — 1, Miguel Gomez, 14.36.  3, Brayan Castro, 14.88.  6, Eduardo Burgos, 15.33.  7, Jose Araiza, 15.66.  8, Riley Hill, 16.11.

GIRLS 100 METERS — 3, Briana Winstead, 15.58.  4, Jazmyne Collingwood, 15.8.  7, Skyler Wrage, 16.24.

BOYS 800 METERS — 2, Jose Araiza, 3:06.62.  4, Morgan Dowling, 3:15.08.

GIRLS 800 METERS — 1, Kristen Collingwood, 3:29.1.

BOYS LONG JUMP — 1, Miguel Gomez, 12-7.  2, Araiza, 12-5.  3, Castro, 12-2 ½.  8, Russell Mitchell, 11-0.

GIRLS LONG JUMP — 1, Brittany Ogg, 11-4 ½.  2, Winstead, 11-0.  J. Collingwood, 10-0.  7, Wrage, 9-7 ½.

BOYS TRIPLE JUMP — 1, Castro, 26-6 ½.  2, Burgos, 25-5.  3, Morgan Dowling, 23-3.  4, Mason Werbelow, 21-9.

GIRLS TRIPLE JUMP — 1, Winstead, 23-11.  2, Wrage, 23-5.

BOYS SHOT PUT — 1, Riley Hill, 27-6.   3, Gomez, 21-11.  4, Mitchell, 20-10.

GIRLS SHOT PUT — 2, Winstead, 17-8.  3, Hailee Nielson, 16-7.  5, Evelyn Clayton, 7-2.

BOYS DISCUS — 1, Hill, 61-2.  2, Gomez, 60-3.  Mitchell, 58-2.

GIRLS DISCUS — 2, Kyla Hutchins, 47-6.  5, J. Collingwood, 41-2.  6, K. Collingwood, 40-6.  7, Josalyn Smith, 33-0.  8, Clayton, 17-0.

BOYS 400 METERS — 5, Hill, 1:18.24.

GIRLS 400 METERS — 4, Ogg, 1:27.62.



BOYS 100 METERS — 2, Dustin Fox, 13.15.  4, Dawson Forcella, 13.6.  7, Cade Dooley, 14.72.

GIRLS 100 METERS — 7, Jordan Flitner, 14.93.

BOYS 800 METERS — 4, Jake Harrold, 2:55.16.

BOYS LONG JUMP — 2, Fox, 15-8.  5, Dooley, 13-1.

GIRLS LONG JUMP — 5, Flitner, 12-0.

BOYS TRIPLE JUMP — 7, Caleb Robertson, 23-10.

GIRLS TRIPLE JUMP — 2, Marisela Burgos, 24-2 ½.  5, Fliltner, 21-11.

BOYS SHOT PUT — 2, Dawson Forcella, 32-11.  5, Mason Stebner, 26-0.  8, Clancy Stoffers, 23-6.

GIRLS SHOT PUT — 1, Hannah Good, 21-10.  4, KieAnna Ridgway, 18-11.  5, Marisela Burgos, 18-8.  6, Becky Turner, 16-7.

BOYS DISCUS — 3, Forcella, 92-9.

GIRLS DISCUS — 1, Ridgway, 54-1.  4, Turner, 43-5.  7, Alyssa Hueckstaedt, 34-2.  8, Emma Hunt, 25-10.

BOYS 400 METERS — 8, Caleb Robertson, 1:35.79.

GIRLS 400 METERS — 2, Flitner, 1:14.35.



BOYS 100 METERS — 1, Luis Burgos, 12.23.  2, Tristian McMillan, 12.34.

GIRLS 100 METERS — 4, Florina Villegas, 14.34.

BOYS 800 METERS — 1, Burgos, 2:30.92.

GIRLS 800 METERS — 7, Gracie Mendez, 3:40.1.  8, Andi Petsch, 3:45.1.

BOYS LONG JUMP — 1, Burgos, 16-10.  2, Kyle Collingwood, 15-4. 8, Zack Zeller, 14-9.

GIRLS LONG JUMP — 5, Aftin DeRosa, 13-0.  6, Villegas, 12-8 ½.

BOYS TRIPLE JUMP — 1, Burgos, 34-2 ½.  2, Collingwood, 33-2.  Zeller, 31-7 ½.

GIRLS TRIPLE JUMP — 4, Villegas, 28-5.  7, DeRosa, 26-8.

BOYS SHOT PUT — 1, Treston Tracy, 35-1 ½.  2, Richard Herchkorn, 33-6.  7, McMillan, 31-1.

GIRLS SHOT PUT — 1, Villegas, 28-7.  3, Mendez, 22-10.  4, Jessica Dowling, 21-8.

BOYS DISCUS — 3, Brad Johnson, 89-0.  5, Kevin Sample, 79-9.  7, Herchkorn, 71-1.

GIRLS DISCUS — 3, Brianna Jolley, 52-6.  4, Tiffany Hueckstaedt, 48-1.  6, Jazmin Jara, 42-7.  7, Andi Petsch, 39-1.

GIRLS 400 METERS — 6, Karla Corral, 1:17.86.

Buffs turn in better times at Wind River

by nathan oster

With schools closed this week for spring break, the Greybull Buffs are getting a well-earned respite from the rigors of the spring track season.

The team has four meets under its belt — and of those four, three fell within a seven-day span starting with the March 30 Rebel Twilight and continuing with the D&D Invitational April 3 in Worland and the Wind River Invitational Thursday in Pavillion.

The Buffs didn’t place near the top of the standings at either of their two most recent meets.

But a couple team members stood out in individual events.

Through four meets, Lindsay Kern and McKenna Powers are the only Buffs who have qualified for the state meet — and each of them went into the break feeling good about themselves.

Kern is rounding into form in the shot put. A second-place finisher last year in 2A, the senior qualified for a return to Casper in her first meet of the season with a 32 foot, 9 inch heave. Well in Pavillion, she went even further, throwing it 33 feet, 8 inches to take first place in the event.

“She’s getting pretty close to her state mark from last year (of 34-4 ¼),” said GHS Coach Jeff Sukut.

The other highlight of the week was turned in by Powers.  A sophomore, she had previously AQ’d in the 400.  She added an event to her Casper itinerary with a 15-foot, 4-inch effort which was good for second in the jump at Pavillion.

Powers also finished sixth in two events she rarely runs — the 200 meters and the 1,600 meters.

“She had a really good day,” Sukut said. “She is that type of athlete who doesn’t come along all that often.  We could have her do quite a few different things and she would be successful in any of them.”

The fact that both qualifying performances came in Pavillion was not surprising.

The Buffs didn’t have a good day at the D&D Invitational, finishing seventh in girls, eighth in boys.

“We were just a little off in both our jumps and our throws,” Sukut said.  “Competition was pretty fierce though.”

The meet did draw a number of big schools, including Cody, Powell, and Rock Springs, who finished one, two and three in both divisions.

Top finishers for GHS included Powers, who was third in the 800 meters and fourth in the long jump, and the boys 400-meter relay team which captured fourth place.

The Buffs did better as a team at the Wind River Invite, finishing seventh in the girls and 11th in the boys.

Looking over the two meets, Sukut said several kids rose to the challenge:

• Wyatt Good ran his best time of the season, an 18.31, in the prelims of the 110-meter hurdles.

• Jesus Burgos set a personal record in the triple jump, going 35 feet, 5 ½ inches.

• Julie Mendez, in Worland, ran her best time in the 1,600 meters, cutting several seconds. “A good improvement for her,” said Sukut.

• Chris Ogg, also in Worland, produced his best long jump, going 16-6 ¾.

• The team’s throwers also continue to make strikes, according to Sukut.  Freshman Calder Forcella set a PR in Worland with a 112-1 throw.  Logan Jensen (108-3) and Oscar Gomez (106-2) also set PRs in the event at meets last week. “We’ve got some good young discus throwers,” Sukut said.

• The 1,600-meter (or 4×400) relay team also cut time last week, as the foursome of Julian Wiley, Burgos, Forcella and Ogg clocked a 3.55.84 in Worland.  Their previous best was a 4:03, according to Sukut.

“The younger kids I have, the freshmen, they’re working hard to improve their times and distances,” said Sukut. “The same can be said for the whole team, really.”

The Buffs won’t be attending any meets this week, but will “get after it pretty hard” when they return after the spring break. The team is already at the midway point of the season, with only meets in Lovell on April 21 and Thermopolis on April 27 and May 4 remaining until the Class 2A West Regional which is May 11-12.



BOYS TEAM SCORES — Powell 147.5, Cody 116.5, Rock Springs 114.5, Riverton 60, Thermopolis 24, Worland 19.5, Riverside 16, Greybull 13.

400 RELAY — 4, Greybull, 48.68.

400 METERS — 8, Julian Wiley, 57.62.

1,600 RELAY — 3, Greybull, 3:55.84.

TRIPLE JUMP — 8, Jesus Burgos, 33-7.

GIRLS TEAM SCORES — Cody 165.5, Powell 90, Rock Springs 74, Worland 56, Riverton 46.5, Thermopolis 38, Greybull 15, Riverside 8.

400 METERS — 7, McKenna Powers, 1:07.46.

800 METERS — 3, Powers, 2:40.98.

LONG JUMP — 4, Powers, 14-2 ½.

SHOT PUT — 8, Kern, 31-1 ½.

TRIPLE JUMP — 8, Powers, 30-1.



BOYS TEAM SCORES — Lovell 134.5, Saratoga 79, Big Piney 74, Pinedale 73.5, Wyoming Indian 58, Wind River 44, Burlington 44, Shoshoni 36, Thermopolis 23.5, Riverside 20, Dubois 15, Greybull 12.5.

400 METERS — 7, Julian Wiley 57.18.

DISCUS — 8, Calder Forcella, 112-1.

400 RELAY — 7, Greybull, 49.04.

1,600 RELAY — 4, Greybull, 3:59.52.

110 HURDLES — 7, tie, Wyatt Good, 18.96.

GIRLS TEAM SCORES — Lovell 135, Thermopolis 106, Wind River 63, Big Piney 60, Pinedale 60, Saratoga 59, Greybull 24, Riverside 23, Shoshoni 22, Wyoming Indian 21, Burlington 16.

1,600 METERS — 6, McKenna Powers, 6:30.34.

LONG JUMP — 2, Powers, 15-4 ¼.

SHOT PUT — 1, Lindsay Kern, 33-8.

200 METERS — 6, Powers, 29.86.

Jacqueline Lee Pollard

April 19, 1935 – March 27, 2012

Memorial services for Jacqueline Lee Pollard will be held April 14 at 2 p.m. at the First Presbyterian Church in Greybull. Jacqueline, 76, died at her home in Greybull on March 27.

She was born April 19, 1935, in Greybull, the daughter of Charles “Bunk” and Ruby Frieling Rimer. She grew up and received her education in Greybull and graduated from Greybull High School.

She married George W. Pollard Sept. 12, 1965, in Greybull; they later moved to Kemmerer.

Jacqueline worked for a telephone company in her early years of marriage and was later a stay-at-home mom and homemaker.

Jacqueline was a member of the First Presbyterian Church. She enjoyed calligraphy, camping, fishing, shopping and spending time with her family.

Her parents, Charles and Ruby Rimer, brother Clarence Elmer Rimer, sisters Dorothy “Joan” Rimer Funk and Charlene Marie Rimer Collingwood, preceded her in death.

She is survived by her daughter and son-in-law, Dena and Dalen Davis of Greybull; brother Charles “Butch” Rimer, sister and brother-in-law Judy and Gary Emmett; brother-in-law Don Collingwood; two grandchildren, Dalen (Kari) Davis and Terra (Jonathon) Robbins; two great-grandchildren, Bryant and Steele Davis, and another on the way.

Donations in Jacqueline‘s name can be made to Big Horn Federal Bank, 33 N. Sixth St., Greybull, WY 82426. The donations will go to her grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

(Paid obituary)


Erwin E. Werbelow

July 6, 1914 – April 4, 2012

Funeral services for Erwin E. Werbelow were held April 7 at Zion Lutheran Church in Emblem. Erwin, 97, lifetime resident of Emblem, died April 4 at North Big Horn Hospital in Lovell with his loved ones by his side.

He was born July 6, 1914, at Emblem, the son of Emil and Elizabeth Menzel Werbelow. His father died when Erwin was 9, and Erwin helped his brothers farm to support the family.  They farmed with horses until 1938.

Erwin finished Emblem Elementary School. He joined the National Guard in 1940 and was inducted into the U.S. Army a few months later. He served with Calvary Troop A and later went to radio school and was part of Signal Corp. Company A. He was honorably discharged as a T3 in 1945.

Erwin farmed in Emblem until he retired. He enjoyed garden and yard work, worked with wood, played games, did word puzzles and trained his dog. He loved his 87 nieces and nephews and they loved him back. In the earlier years when his nieces and nephews came to visit he gave them tractor rides, picked raspberries with them and let them drive his Jeep while sitting on his lap.

Erwin was a lifetime member of Zion Lutheran Church. Erwin was a true gentleman, and will be greatly missed.

His parents, his brothers Paul and Harry and his sister Ella Eby preceded him in death.

He is survived by his sister, Esther Cover.

Burial was in the Emblem Cemetery with full military graveside rites conducted by American Legion Marion Tanner Post 29.

Memorials are being received at Bank of Greybull, 601 Greybull Ave., Greybull, WY 82426. Proceeds will go to Zion Lutheran Church.




Donald Arch Duffy

Jan. 21, 1929 – April 6, 2012

Cremation has taken place and memorial services for Donald Arch Duffy of Greybull were held April 11 at Michelotti-Sawyers Mortuary in Billings, Mont. “Duff” died April 6 at Evergreen Health and Rehab Center in Laurel.

He was born Jan. 21, 1929, the son of Sadie Bishop and Ira L. Dunaway. As a baby the family moved to Brighton, Colo., where he was raised with four brothers and two sisters. When he was 15 years old he joined the U.S. Marines and fought in World War II and Korea.

He is survived by his second wife Fiona and their two daughters, Robin and Shawn; three sons and a daughter from a previous marriage, Patrick, Michael, Timothy and Donna; two daughters, Bonnie and Karen, and numerous grandchildren.

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